Monday, 14 November 2011

Client services or creative? Or both?

Or a creative suit.

Two new roles to tell you about, chaps.

The good people at LN are after a client services intern; someone to start ASAP. They're after:

"A graduate that can demonstrate that they know what branding means, someone who is able to work under pressure, meet deadlines and has a keen eye for detail. The candidate will attend to the Global Executive Director a day a week, as well as routinely attending brand clinics. Enthusiasm is very important, as is being conscientious. A Spanish speaker is preferable."

"Ogilvy have decided that as most graduate schemes (historically) focus on account handling and planning, that they'd like to run a creative version. Find out more here and here. You'd be working in the creative departments of Dialogue and Ogilvy Action, working with some of the biggest brands in the world - Gillette, Duracell, Braun, Venus and Coca-Cola, giving them access to some of the incredible talent and knowledge within the Ogilvy Group. Various top design universities are taking part, and while we have focused on key creative Universities, such as Kingston, Bournemouth and others, this opportunity is not limited to advertising students.

We know that creativity can come from any discipline or background. Any graduate who feels they can create and execute an idea that can change or reinforce consumer behaviour is eligible for this amazing opportunity. Partners in the scheme are DNA (a boutique specialist Recruitment Consultant) and the MAA(representing the industry). Ogilvy will also have the involvement of P&G in judging our future creative stars. Plus they're exhibiting the finalists’ entries in our Westbourne Terrace office wine bar from February 2012."

Good luck, chaps.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Four is a magic number?

Hi gang.

As an addition to the reasonably exhaustive 2011 grad scheme post, there's a further four graduate opportunities that have winged their way to me here at AdGrads towers. So, without further ado:

"Albion London is a dynamic independent advertising agency based in Shoreditch with clients such as Air New Zealand, Jose Cuervo and Epson. They are looking to recruit an assistant for their marketing team, one who will be excited about the company and keen to develop and progress their role as the company grows. Candidates will be involved in every stage of the pitch process and help promote Albion (through day-to-day PR and events such as Albion Society) as well as ensuring smooth running of the office. Additionally, there is also the opportunity to work closely with the CEO. Albion are conducting interviews over the next two weeks with a view to starting as soon as possible after this so if you’re interested please contact jobs at for the full job description with your CV and a covering letter."

There is no formal deadline, but the guys are looking to hire as soon as possible, so get involved - they want someone to start in early November.

CHI's grad scheme has opened. Check it out here. The deadline's the 25th of November, and they will let you know by the 2nd of December whether you've got an interview.

"The Communications Agency (TCA) is looking for an intern for a 3-month placement, starting immediately, working in our partnerships team. You will help us to brainstorm, sell in and activate brand partnerships for a prestigious portfolio of film and leisure clients including Universal Studios and British Airways. For the right candidate, this could even lead to a permanent graduate role. Go to and email your CV to the recruitment email address, subject "Partnerships Intern". TCA is a vibrant and award-winning, independent integrated agency whose clients include American Express, Argos, British Airways, The Balvenie, Royal Bank of Scotland, Universal Studios, Warner Bros and Momentum Pictures".

Again, there's no set deadline for this one - it's to start ASAP.

ZenithOptimedia (MediaWeek agency of the year 2010) are recruiting graduates to work in a variety of roles including media planning and buying, branded content, digital, search and strategic insights. We have a raft of fantastic clients you would potentially be working on such as L'Oreal, O2, Mars, Molsoon Coors, British Airways and Compare The Market, amongst others. As a graduate at ZenithOptimedia you would also have the opportunity to study toward IPA and Google GAP professional qualifications, as well as being part of an industry renowned graduate programme. We hire all year round (we don't have set intake dates - though one of the questions on the talent hub asking when you can next start/only giving a few fixed dates. Any applicants should answer this question with the date closest to when they can begin.

There's no deadline for this one - and there are a multitude of roles.

So gang, get applying. And, good luck.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Two unique opportunities....

They don't knock, but they might tick.

Hi guys.

I've just been alerted to two of graduate/junior roles, all of which I think could be filled by AdGrads readers.

Both are from KesselsKramer - their London office, the KK Outlet, is looking for two people for two roles.

1) A smart strategist. KK Outlet is looking for a smart strategist who is also super organised who is also able to manage accounts who is also able to get their hands dirty. KK Outlet is KesselsKramer's London office based in Hoxton square – it's a cultural centre, thanks to its gallery and a communications agency with projects and clients in London and Europe. The suitable person is expected to manage some key accounts as well as work on new business, new briefings and the cultural output of the agency. Two years experience, but less is ok if you're the right fit and send a nice email. Details – about work and about yourself please – to info at

2) A talented writer. KK Outlet (KesselsKramer's London office) is looking for a talented writer who is also a very smart conceptual thinker who is able to write anything be it copy, business solutions, short stories, short films, even shorter press releases, letters to lawyers, obituaries, product recall ads, book blurbs, amazon reviews or whisky labels, and can explain a good idea in words so effortlessly that those listening will faint with admiration. You don't need to have an advertising background, but if you do 1 or 2 or so years experience will do. Details – some work and any personal projects please – to info at

Good luck, guys.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ad Agency Grad Schemes - 2011/12...

Some of these folks may end up working in adland....

Hi all.

This is (probably) the post you've been waiting for, if you're a regular reader of the site. The list of ad agencies that are running graduate schemes in the second half of 2011 are below. I'm sure I've missed one or two - do let me know in the comments:


Shortly to open in October 2011 (here). You can keep an eye on the latest comings and goings by following their twitter account.


BBH have no ‘formal’ graduate scheme running at the moment; instead, they have two initiatives – one of which is a ten week internship (the twitter’s here), though it appears the deadline’s past (and I’m unclear about whether it is US only or UK and US – does anyone from BBH London want to comment?), and another which is a formalised placement scheme. Check them out.


BMB are running a ‘non grad grad scheme’, which is shortly to open. Whether you have a degree or not, you can apply. Keep an eye on it – it reportedly opens on the 1st of November.


CHI’s grad scheme is due to open in December 2011. Watch this page like a hawk, as well as their twitter-stream.


The Chime group (which comprises of Ad Agencies - VCCP - design and PR) are shortly to open their scheme. The page should be fully functional/open in November 2011.


Dare’s grad scheme has yet to re-open this year. However, their Facebook page (which they used to recruit last year) hints that the graduate scheme is going to open in the Autumn. Their twitter streams (both for main agency and the graduates) should provide a hint as to when it’s going to open.

DAS Accelerate:

The DAS scheme has just launched. It shuts on the 3rd of January 2012. You can find out more about it on the DAS link above, or go straight to the application page here. Alternatively, you can check out their twitter here.

DLKW Lowe:

My old agency is looking for bright grads to come and join. You can find more details here. You’ll have to apply before midday on the 9th of November.


Elvis are shortly to announce their 2011 graduate scheme. Any activity will take place on their Facebook wall, which you can see here. Applications will open in Autumn.

JWT London:

JWT's graduate scheme is happening this year - find out more here and on the Facebook page (and the twitter stream). Applications shut on the 2nd of November.

Leo Burnett:

Leo’s have just launched their new graduate scheme, called ‘The Foundry’, aimed at both account handlers and planners. You can find out more about it here. (UPDATE - THE FACEBOOK PAGE IS NOW LIVE. ). Their twitter stream is here. Applications close on Friday 28th of October.

M&C Saatchi:

M&C’s site indicates that they are going to be recruiting graduates this year, but the link re-directs to a broken email link. They’ve recruited every year since I’ve written AdGrads, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled.


Ogilvy have a bumper crop of schemes that are shortly to open. They've been in touch. Both the Ogilvy Fellowship and Planning Fellowship open on the 14th of November, and will close on the 8th of January 2012. There's also a two month 'Summer Fellowship', which is going to open in early 2012. You can find out more about the Ogilvy Fellows by looking at their Facebook page, their twitter account or by looking on Youtube. Also, they are launching a competition on Monday (10th of October) for potential applicants to their open night, where top speakers from the group will be chatting. To get a place, you should write a tweet explaining why, and hashtagging it #OgilvyOpenNight.


UPDATED: Rainey's grad scheme (for account management) is now live. It closes on the 28th of October.

WPP Fellowship:

WPP's 'golden ticket', 3 year, multiple country and marketing discipline scheme is now open. It shuts Thursday 10th of November at midday, GMT.

Good luck with all of these, guys. Again, let me know if I've missed any.

Friday, 30 September 2011

War of the Words...

You could be one of these folks...

Hello gang.

There will be very shortly be a round up of all of the grad schemes. Honest. In the meantime, the lovely people at Brand Republic have been in touch to talk to me about the forthcoming War of the Words event.

It's squarely aimed at you, AdGrads folks. Sadly, for the studenty types, going along to see it will cost a bit of cash, but there are other opportunities (see the bold type) which you should try to get involved with.

Here's some of the blurb:

"Campaign's War of the Words, in association with The Huffington Post UK, is a new half-day, fast-paced event where speakers (all aged 30 or under), will present ideas that may shape the future in profound ways.

Like the Advertising Association's Front Foot Initiative, it will show the industry the reality of the world in which these speakers - advertising's future - have grown up.

Each speaker will be drawn from different disciplines and territories. Each will present for 15 minutes maximum. Speakers will address how creativity, planning, brands and media might change the face of advertising, and the way it works.
The X Factor-style judges will be Nikki Crumpton, the chief strategy officer of McCann London, David Hackworthy, a founding partner at The Red Brick Road, and Johnny Hornby, a co-founder of CHI & Partners.

There will also be an open-mic strand, open to agency talent of 25 or under, students and any madly hungry young people. In this section, promoted by The Huffington Post UK, ten people will be asked to pitch an idea that can be expressed with a statement starting with two words: "I believe." They will explore their idea in just three minutes."

You wouldn't usually get access to the likes of those big, advertising names usually. To apply for one of the ten open mic places, email wotw at (EMAIL ADDRESS CHANGED) with a piece of up to 500 words on one of things you're most passionate about by (UPDATED DATE) the 31st of October. Creative submissions are actively encouraged, and then Campaign and the Huffington Post will ask the best to submit their 'I believe' 3 minute presentation, and the final ten will be asked to speak at the event.

FURTHER UPDATE: AdGrads readers can now get discounted tickets. The first fifty can buy tickets for £50 plus VAT when they email.

FINAL UPDATE: There's just a few tickets yet....get 'em now.

I hope many AdGrads readers get involved.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Brand bothering, and how it can help...

Yes, it can begin this early.

Hi all.

I tend, these days, to post just job or internship opportunities. When AdGrads was first formed, we tried to write more useful posts about how best to get into the business, but in recent years, it's been a bit job-specific.

So, with that in mind, I've decided to write a post on the topic of personal branding and how to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

With the rise of potential employers googling your name (and some of the more locked down searching Facebook), personal branding is something of a hot topic, and has been for the past few years...particularly when you're considering a career in communications, where opinions on branding (and indeed, people who like making themselves heard) are ten-a-penny.

My stock advice used to be 'start a blog, express your opinions' (particularly for those who wanted to get into planning). Now, given that most communications students/new ad folk have blogs or twitter accounts, the grad market is overrun with opinions.

Not a problem, you might claim; my opinion is good enough to get me a job/get me noticed. Well, I'd claim that it probably isn't enough any more. No, in order to truly stand out, you should try and cultivate a wealth of pre-job examples of where you've personally made a difference by improving/changing/helping someone with their communications.

Think about it - was there a local band you helped promote? Have you done something in social media? Created a character/persona who is widely followed? What did you learn? How could this experience help the businesses you're thinking of joining?

Or, for more specific job roles - have you proven how well organised you are when putting on a play at University? (This looks good for an account management role). Have you taken part in the 'Account Planning School of the Web'? (It's open to anyone, but it's good practice/a viable way of improving your strategic chops).

There are people in Advertising/Comms who have done some of these, and many of those things discussed above are the sorts of things that require the same skills to tackle situations they have to deal with daily.

Don't just talk about how important it is to be aware of digital and communicate well - live it, point to it before you interview and demonstrate your skills.

You've got a blank canvas out there to impress the industry. Who knows - if you do a good enough job, you may just get onto Brand Republic and secure that first graduate role without ever having to go on a grad scheme.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Lambie-Nairn need YOU..

You might be someone who thinks like this...

Hi all.

The lovely Lambie-Nairn are after a full time intern to start in November. I'll let the blurb explain more:

"We are looking for a full-time intern to start in November 2011 to support the marketing, communications and new business team. Activities will include processing weekly business development reports, research and analysis of sectors, monitoring of press for client teams and general administrative support.

The individual needs to have a positive flexible attitude, strong attention to detail and, most importantly, be an excellent communicator.

The internship would be on a rolling monthly basis and it's a great chance for the right person to gain indispensable experience in the world of branding.

People who are doing a year in industry are welcome but as it's a full-time position they must be able to do a full working week.

Applicants will need to send a CV and covering letter to careers at with the subject header "Internship 2011"."

Is this you? Get in touch, and good luck, guys and gals.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Behind the scenes at SCA2....

The class of 2010/11.

Hello gang. Apologies for the radio silence in the last few weeks; I've been on hols and busy with a spot of work.

Anyway, this post is a guest one from Samantha Jenkins, a recently graduated student from the School of Communication Arts 2.0.

I will let her explain more, but suffice to say, the School is after a 2011 intake. If you like the sound of a creative career, you should definitely read on.

Anyway. Here's Sam:

"Some people believe in luck, fate, a big-break, chance, destiny and fortune.

It’s where you’ve come from, who you know, your lot in life.

Others trust in sheer determined hard work and tireless perseverance.

Ball-breaking, back-aching commitment.

Some people regard phenomenal genius, which needs neither rabbit’s feet nor elbow grease, enough to propel one’s vision into a world of desperate anticipation and quivering awe.

One thing’s for certain. All people have hope.

Hope that one day lady luck will whisper sweet nothings, promising everything.

Hope that sweat and tears will turn to rain, drenching the drought of dreams fulfilled.

Hope that raw talent will be plucked whilst ripe and bursting with vitality.

Hope that after studying for years to earn the perceived right into the Promised Land of employment, one does not end up circling in and out of the spiraling, rotary doors of the dole office.

After quitting my A-Levels in the hope that I did not need them, I discovered I was right after securing a place at university.

After quitting degree course, after degree course in the hope that I did not need them, I discovered I was right after securing a place in the dole queue, even after eventually obtaining the highly desired graduation photo.

Something had gone pretty wrong – or had it?

Degree in hand, I was meant to get a job; and I did.

Bartender. Quit. Retail Assistant. Quit. Telesales Operative. Quit. Receptionist. Quit. Tour Guide. Quit. Bungy-jump Coordinator. Quit. Gallery Assistant. Quit. Online Marketing Assistant. Quit.

All of the above merely a small handful of the job opportunities given to me as an Applied Arts graduate, hopping from country to country trying to discover who on earth I was; what, for heaven’s sake, I wanted to do with myself; but more importantly, how the hell was I to get there.

The church was my saviour.

The house of worshipping creative freedom that is The School of Communication Arts 2.0 happens to exist within a Methodist church in Vauxhall, South London.

Having now completed study at SCA 2.0, I now realise that the Job Centre was the best possible place for me as I walked through its doors little over a year ago. It was here, at what should have been the lowest point of my career’s journey - signing on to my weekly giro - when I signed out of my old way of thinking.

A state of mind that had crippled me by a rigid set of rules which led me nowhere; the same brain washed mind-set that leaves young creative people unemployed or in jobs that they despise all over the country - the belief that spending 3 years within the UK creative education system will result in a career.

A-Levels and degrees are not needed to become a creative.

Once realising my degree meant jack shit, I just started to do stuff I wanted to do.

It was this stuff that got me noticed and this stuff that started my journey of luck, fate, hard graft, perseverance and self-belief that has, in just a year, earned me a work placement in the Amsterdam based creative agency, Strawberry Frog.

Stuff. Looking at stuff. Being interested in stuff. Caring about stuff. Finding stuff. Sharing stuff. Creating stuff. Being stuff.


How can these ideas bring value to a brand and therefore bring value to an agency?

The SCA accepts students because they are creative and then shows them how to translate their ideas into a format that agencies will want to hire. Have a look at some of the work here.

The people that work within these agencies have written the entire curriculum that is available for anyone to view. Here, take a look.

This curriculum is taught to students by the very minds that wrote it – the industry itself.

The school only has a handful of employed staff. Creative professionals visit the school everyday, delivering the curriculum, giving talks and workshops, imparting tips and advice, helping develop ideas, critiquing work, offering mentorship and friendship.

Additionally, the networking opportunities offered at SCA are unrivaled. With over 400 mentors and only 30 students, there is plenty of time and attention spent on the needs of every individual.

Students get to work on live briefs for real clients, getting to see their work become a reality before even stepping foot inside an agency.

And step foot they shall as the course offers every student guaranteed 6 month work placements in some of the top advertising agencies.

The SCA 2.0 changed my life.

To all of you who’ve just received your A-Level results…

Pass or fail – YOU DON”T NEED THEM!"

I hope that was helpful to anyone considering a creative career. Good luck with your applications, guys.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

More grad schemes: McCademy's open

Something to get your attention.

Hi all.

We're rapidly entering into grad recruitment season, and the good folks at McCann London have begun recruiting for their new graduate intake. It closes on the 1st of August and you can apply here, on the Facebook page. The twitter account has been set up for any questions you may have.

Below is the official blurb.

"You’re about to graduate and want to get a job in advertising? Great. But you’ll only get on in advertising, if advertising is where you want to get on. Not banking. Not law. Not accountancy. Not hedging your bets by applying for all of them. It’s an old cliché, but advertising is all about selling the dream. But not always living it.

If you think it’s all parties, shoots and long client lunches you’re in for a rude awakening. You’ll be found out faster than you can say 'Lipsmackingtimewastinguselesspieceofbadreputationmakinggoandgetajobinbanking'.

You still in? Good.

How are you on honesty? Well, just like people don’t fall for ads that over-promise, Grads shouldn’t fall for agencies that over-promise. So we don’t. We just want you to be yourself when you apply. No-one’s expecting you to be Don Draper or Roger Sterling. Not on day one anyway. But if you don’t know who comes from Meerkovo, we could be in trouble.

And one more thing. Don’t try and be too clever. Because you know what comes after clever?Dick. Know what you’re letting yourself in for? Well it’s not going to be so much Mad Men as Tea Boys. And Girls. You’ll be expected to photocopy. Fetch. Carry. Buy the train tickets. Do the dirty work. But that’s where everybody starts. All today’s big names were once very small fry. More than anything, you’ll be expected to listen and learn. And that could take you anywhere.

It’s not just about TV ads, you know. You could be a producer, creative technologist, programmer, researcher, account manager. Or even a job we haven’t created yet.

If you’ve got talent, we’ll spot it. We know that good ideas can come from anywhere. And pretty soon you’ll learn it’s a fantastic job to have. How often do you hear your mates talking about spreadsheets and base rates down the pub? You don’t. But, you do hear them talking about ads.

If you’re lucky, your ads. Because what you do is seen by millions everyday. In the break on Coronation Street. In the pages of The Sun. Posted up on YouTube, spread via Facebook and on the poster site near where your nan lives. Sent round as a ‘have you seen this?’ email.

You’ll be able to say ‘I did that’. And sure, for every Drumming Gorilla there’s a thousand Toilet Ducks. Just like for every graduate job there’ll be thousands of applicants.

But if it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth having.

Good luck, gang.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Young APG awards..

You too could win one of these shiny, shiny lightbulbs...

Hello there.

The APG have been in touch with me to alert you strategic, AdGrad types about the second year of its 'Young Talent' award.

So, without further ado:

"Every year the APG awards the leading strategic thinking in the industry. When the last APG awards came around in 2009, we expanded this to include a Young Talent prize, aimed at awarding the best thinking for students in full time education.

We wanted to let you know that the deadline for the 2011 Awards is imminent - Friday August 26th, 2011.

The awards are simple to enter. In just 1,000 words, tell us about a brand that you would like to invent that would appeal to people your age. The brand should be invented completely from scratch. The best 3 entries will be given a prize at the 2011 Awards Ceremony in front of leading strategists from all of the London's best advertising agencies. They also represent a great way of securing a job in the industry: of last year's winners, two are now in full-time employment in advertising agencies and the third will walk into a glittering career when she graduates from university.

Details of the award can be found on the website

Good luck, gang.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Rainey's want an Account Exec...

A black cat. You might be working with two of them.

Rainey Kelly have gotten in touch with me, letting me know about a new role for a grad.

So, without further ado, here's the blurb:

"Would you like to work for one of the UK’s top advertising agencies?

We’re currently looking for a bright, sparky individual to join our Account Management department as an Account Executive.

As the UK’s most effective creative agency, we develop multimedia campaigns for some of the country’s biggest brands, including Virgin Atlantic, the BBC, Lloyds TSB and M&S. That includes everything from traditional media like TV right through to the most cutting-edge new media, which makes it a truly exciting place to work. And while we take great pride in what we do, others agree too – as well as being top of the Gunn Report, we are also the only advertising agency ever to win a BAFTA.

The challenges of account management are many, but the main skills you will need as an Account Executive are good organisation, a sharp mind, speedy problem-solving and an ability to think laterally. (Proficiency with a kettle wouldn't go amiss either.) Needless to say, it's also fundamentally important that you are turned on by ads in all their forms, contemporary culture, and finding out what makes people tick.

We’re not looking for a particular type of character, though. One of the best things about rkcr/y&r is the diversity of people who work here, so we like to keep an open mind about who we recruit next.

If you’d like to find out more about us, have a look at our company website:

To apply, please send your CV, a covering letter and a short written response to the below question to

“At RKCR/Y&R we believe that brands need energy to survive. Pick a brand you think currently lacks ‘brand energy’ and tell us what you would do to revive it” (300 words)

Equally, if you have any questions, just drop us a note and we’d be happy to help. We’re looking to hire soon so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Look forward to hearing from you! One other thing – please only apply if you are eligible to work in the UK."

Best of luck with it.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

A new gig at the Circle Agency...

More than one circle, it would seem...

Hi gang. Back from hols now, and we've got another vacancy for you. The blurb is below:

"The Circle Agency are looking for a brilliant grad to join their growing team. They are a full service experiential marketing agency dedicated to delivering unforgettable campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands. If you think you have what it takes to help create and activate award winning brand experiences and are a recent graduate, they would love to hear from you. Simply download the PDF and follow the instructions."

Best of luck, all.

Monday, 16 May 2011

One more job...


Good advice.

Hi gang.

The last vacancy before I go on holiday is from Quirk. They've got a need an intern for some social media work. Their clients are Warner Bros, Investec, SAB Miller, Nando' name a few. If this sounds like your cup of tea, email Tammy (tammy dot joseph at quirk dot biz).

See you lot in two weeks. Good luck.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

TCA need a fresh-faced digital grad...

I'm not sure if they have this basin. Maybe. You'll have to ask.

Hello gang.

TCA London (The Communications Agency, acronym fans) are after a digital grad.

Find out more by clicking here to apply, or reading the blurb below.

"You would be a junior member of a growing digital team in an integrated marketing agency. The size of the business and the breath of digital opportunities within our agency means the role would offer plenty of variety and be a great opportunity for a analytical, web savvy marketing graduate to start a career in digital advertising. You would work across social media, eCRM, online advertising, website development, search and mobile projects. To add a bit of perspective, we have outlined some of the key responsibilities below, but this list is not exhaustive:

- managing daily updates on our company Twitter feed

- compiling digital competitive reviews for our clients where required

- compiling a monthly digital newsletter for our clients, relevant to their sector where possible

- web analytics and reporting on a scheduled and ad hoc basis

- setting up, broadcasting and reporting on email sends (basic html experience a nice to have but not a necessity)

- Briefing our creative teams and supporting them through the idea generation process

- Managing 3rd party production partners and helping support account teams from a project management perspective

- Comprehensively testing websites before they go live

- Day-to-day responsibility for managing Social Media campaigns (brand management, responding to consumer questions etc...)

- Supporting the digital planner in responding to briefs - research, insight, audience analysis and planning rationales

- Supporting the Head of Digital in raising the profile of Digital within the agency and responding to new business opportunities

If you are interested in applying for this position visit our website and click on the appropriate link -

Please use the subject line “Application for Digital Grad/Exec, fao DM/JM” so we can process your application as quickly as possible."

Best of luck, all.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Leo Burnett's Summer School...

The man himself.

....has now opened. I've just had a note through from them.

Read more about them and the scheme below:

"The Leo Burnett Group is pleased to announce that its inaugural Summer School 2011 will be open for applications from the 4th of May.

Leo Burnett is the most creatively awarded agency in the UK, and the group comprises Leo Burnett (integrated advertising) and its brand activation partners; Arc (retail and promotions), Lime (experiential), LeoSports (sports sponsorship consultancy), and Atelier (luxury style specialists), as well as newly acquired Holler (social and media) and Airlock (digital innovation).

Leo Burnett is seeking two account planning interns and three account handling interns to undergo a four week placement, starting in July. This will begin with a week’s full week’s induction and training, followed by 3 weeks working with a team on one of our high profile accounts.

The Leo Burnett Group is fully committed to the development of its talent, as demonstrated by the IPA Gold Accreditation for its CPD programme, and also by being voted the 39th
For further details of the Summer School and how to apply, please visit our Facebook page, and follow the tabs (live the night of May 4th) or refer to best company in the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies To Work For 2011."

Best of luck with it, gang. (UPDATE: It originally stated the 27th of April, though I'm now reliably informed it'll be the 4th of May in the evening).

Friday, 22 April 2011

TBWA's (almost) away...

There may be a spot of this.

Hello gang.

There's another new graduate scheme to tell you about. TBWA London are on the verge of opening up theirs. It kicks off on the 5th of May. Keep your eyes peeled here.

Best of luck with it.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

An extension and an interesting opportunity...

These jobs will probably not involve framing.

Two things to tell you about.

1) The IPA Summer School:

The deadline's extended to the 6th of May, so get writing.


This is a bit of a left field one - an Austrian brand strategy agency, LHBS, is looking for a trainee to start on the 1st of May (or shortly afterwards).

Below is a bit more about the job. To note, it is a paid gig. Good luck:

"LHBS is a boutique innovation and brand strategy consultancy based in Vienna, Austria. We believe that change is the natural order of things. That's why we look at human behavior, media, culture and society and try to understand the changing nature of demand so that our clients are always prepared. We are looking for an energetic, curious and passionate digital native to support our team in the following fields:

- Trendspotting and pattern recognition
- Desktop research, social media monitoring, benchmarking and data analysis
- Preparation and participation in creative workshops and client meetings
- Analytical and creative problem-solving
- Co-authoring of research reports and studies
- Back office management

The ideal candidate has just finished university and has strong background/interest in sociology, marketing or strategic management and is curious to learn more about human behavior and how brands and businesses can enrich human lives. The candidate should be fluent in English and savvy with all office applications; from Keynote to Google Analytics and Tweetdeck. German and other languages are a plus. Furthermore you should be able to start your 6-12 months internship on the 1st of May 2011.

If you are interested in working together with an international and interdisciplinary team on innovation and strategy projects from FMCG to mobile providers across Central Eastern Europe, please send your digital application to: Stefan Erschwendner, Other places to find us include:

Good luck with those two.