Monday, 18 January 2010

Two more opportunities....

It never rains but it pours. Two more opportunities have landed with us.

The first is with Iris, whose scheme closes on the 31st of January.

This year they have revamped their scheme and it includes:

· A two-year programme with four six-month rotations across planning, account management and specialist disciplines (PR, digital and experiential) with one placement in a global location.

· Guidance from board level mentor and iris buddies

· Accredited learning from the CAM foundation

· Monthly seminars with industry speakers to get an insight into the client side of advertising and marketing

· Peer group time dedicated to sharing, learning and supporting each other

· Over 24 workshops focused on key aspects of the account handler role

· Six integration days providing exposure to all of iris’ disciplines

The application form can be downloaded here: and there is also info on how to get a creative grad placement there too (‘The Bunker’) Wannabe-grads can also find us on facebook or twitter (@irisgrads).

The second opportunity is with the Brooklyn Brothers, who are a very new creative hotshop.

They've just launched the Brooklyn Brotherhood. Check it out - it looks very interesting. Not your typical application. It closes on the 31st of March.

Best of luck with both of them.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Two new vacancies...

I don't know whose image this is, but nicked from

Hello there.

Lot time no post, but we have not one but TWO new vacancies for you guys to have a look at.

The first is at Euro RSCG, who are looking for account execs (excitingly, there aren't any accounts could be anything). Shuck Jo Austin-Olsen your CV. Her email's as follows: joanne.austin-olsen at eurorscg dot com. This has now closed. Thanks for your applications.

The second is at Rapier, who are also looking for account executives. There are two roles here - send your CV to
Nikki.Longhurst at rapieruk dot com.

Best of luck.