Friday, 25 April 2008

OxForward Careers Fair

A little short notice, but if you're at Oxford, come to the OxForward (man that's a lame name) Careers Fair on Tuesday. I'll be there with the IPA doing something, I'm not quite sure what, but it may involve getting people to tell agencies that their recruitment processes need some work :)

Have a good weekend everyone.

How Failure Can Be A Good Thing


Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The IPA Summer School

This is their logo, so you know it's official.

Opportunity numero dos is a spot on the IPA Summer School for tw0-oh-oh-eight. You get the chance to get your hands on a thousand of the queen's faces and should be free to start on the 7th of July.

All the goods are here and deadline is May 27th so get cracking.

Opportunity Knocks - Work Experience at Hubbub (And You Get Paid)

Pic courtesy of Aunt Owwee

Everything has been quiet while everyone gets on with what they need to, finals, new job, old job and all the rest of it. But we have some opportunities for you.

Firstly, Hubbub (the sister/brother/cousin of Grand Union) are looking for someone to do work experience over the summer. The placement will be between 2 and 3 months depending on your availability and you'll be paid expenses of £200/month - so your grub and travel should be covered. Byron from Hubbub says this about the role:

How about a summer placement at a place where keeping tabs on Youtube, Skins and Glastonbury is in the job description?

Hubbub is looking for a friendly and fun-loving placement candidate to spend the summer in our lovely rooftop office five minutes from London’s Oxford Circus. We’re a branded content agency, which means we create engaging content on behalf of brands – from live events to TV shows, mobile applications to online communities.

It’ll be great for your CV, working across clients such as Sony, Lacoste, Hugo Fragrances and Boots 17 on a wide range of projects. You’ll gain valuable skills in disciplines from Account Management to Creative, in a lively and environmentally friendly agency.

You don’t need experience or a degree in marketing – just a little passion, and a lot of enthusiasm.

If you’re intelligent, well organized and up for a challenge, send your CV and cover letter to, as we’d love to invite you in for a chat.

So email Bryon with your stuff. Boom.