Friday, 30 April 2010

A Classic Opportunity

Hey everyone. It has been a long time since I wrote something in this box. Humps has been awesome in holding down the fort while I sort some stuff out. Anyway I wanted to tell you guys about a pretty awesome opportunity that's been dropped in my lap for y'all.

Global Radio (home of Classic FM, Capital FM, Heart, XFM and Galaxy FM amongst others - basically the biggest commercial radio group in the UK with something like 18 million listeners) are on the lookout for an awesome marketing intern to work in their London HQ this Summer. They are looking for someone to come onboard for 2 weeks, with the opportunity to stay for the whole Summer. Global will cover your expenses and you'll be working with Sara Holt who leads marketing on Classic, Galaxy, LBC and XFM. I know Sara personally and she's really cool to work with and has won tons of marketing awards.
Rather than having a boring application process, we've come up with a way of applying that gets to the core of what you'll be doing. So here's the deal:
Classic FM are running a campaign this summer to help students through their exams. They're dishing out tips on Twitter and Facebook to help you guys get through this short and stressful time. There's a bunch of cool prizes up for grabs and some genuinely useful information along with that.

The culmination of this activity is the Classic FM Treasure Chase coming to campuses across the UK in the next two weeks. Classic are working with universities to hide 19 Fs up and down the country on campus. If you find that F on your campus and take a picture of it in the weirdest place you can think of you get the chance to win a shiny new iPad, fresh from the hands of Emperor Steve.

So apart from being able to get an iPad, for a chance to get work experience this summer at Global Radio here's what you have to do:

Think of a unique and interesting way to get people involved with the Treasure Chase. That's it. It's a blank canvas similar to the Saatchis application of 2007 that landed yours truly in some seriously warm water. You think of way to publicise the Treasure Chase on campus, think of how you'll measure it, and then put together a mini-case study of why you should be chosen in light of your little campaign idea.

The guys at Global will be looking at things like how many Twitter followers, Facebook fans you have managed to add and competition entries your idea brings. So those should be your key metrics.

Oh and one more thing, the winner gets to write a regular column (up to you how frequently) about your time at Global so the rest of us can get a taste of what working there is like.

So just to be clear, how you enter:
- Think of an interesting way to get the word out on your campus about the Classic FM Treasure Chase (you can enter that as well to have a chance at getting that iPad)
- Film it, record it, take a picture, write a song, hold a rally - do whatever you think works best
- Write up a summary of what you did, why you did it and how it worked (given their metrics mentioned above). Don't make it more than 2 pages or 5 slides, Will and I have to read them all!
- If you don’t have the Treasure Chase coming to your university just e-mail us and we can give you an exciting special brief.
- Send an email to me with your entry by the 25th May. The F could well be with you as early as next Tuesday.

Good luck everyone. This is a new way of advertising opportunities that we're trying out to get you guys used to how you'll be working in the way you apply. Any questions let me know! Boom.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ogilvy Fellowship...

You too could work here.

The Ogilvy Fellowship is acknowledged to be one of the best starts in the communications industry. And, happy day, they've just opened. I have just been sent a lot of information from the guys there, so have a butchers, and if you're interested, apply....

"Ogilvy Group UK is a communications agency that does advertising, direct marketing, interactive marketing, PR, design and promotion. We're the London outpost of Ogilvy's extensive global network of over 400 offices worldwide.

Every year we look for 5 stars of the future to join our Fellowship here in London. This year we have taken a slightly different approach to how we recruit for the Fellowship. We will be selecting 10 of the brightest and best applicants to join us at our Canary Wharf office here in east London to undertake two consecutive four-week placements. You’ll get great experience and have the opportunity to hear from some of London’s best talent in the industry while also learning about our 360 approach to advertising. We’ll then select five stars of the future to join our Fellowship programme starting in November 2010, which will see you undergo three year's training with a year in three different disciplines.

The timings for the 2010 Internship and Fellowship are as follows:

Closing date for applications: 4th May 2010 (Midnight)

Interviews: w/c 28th June 2010

Internship: 4th August 2010 – 1st October 2010

Fellows start date: 8th November 2010"

So there you have it. Best of luck.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Two exciting new, shiny opportunities...

Hopefully not involving these two ne'er do-wells.

Hello gang.

Thought i'd get in touch, as there are a few exciting opportunities bubbling in the soup of graduate recruitment.

Opportunity One:

The lovely Adah at the IPA has alerted us to a competition called It's My Party, which is aimed at 18-24 year olds, and after an idea for a single-issue political party. They want you to create a party political broadcast and see if you can make the video into a viral success.

There are three awards: one for the video that gets the most votes, one for the video that gets the most views, and the judges' award for the most creative video.

Best of luck with that - there are no deadlines on the site, but I'd imagine it shuts when the election ends. Check it out...

Opportunity Two:

The IPA have launched their Summer School. It's been running for a few years, and is a very, very good thing. I'd advise you to have a butchers at the link.

Some more official blurb is below:

"The Summer School will offer you a placement within a digital, search or direct marketing agency and will provide you with a real introduction to agency life.

Participating agencies include HS&P,LIDA, SFW, Ogilvy, Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw, 3Sixty and CMW.

You'll get the chance to work alongside the professionals - account handlers, planners, creatives - on real client business.

In addition to the work placement, there will be a series of special evening seminars and social events where you'll meet other students, see other agencies, and meet industry experts.

There will also be a prize of £1,000 each, plus you can reclaim reasonable travel expenses. Most of the agencies are in central London (regional agencies to be confirmed) so you'll have to arrange your own local accommodation. You will be expected to work from 5th July-10th September 2010.

The deadline for entry is 7th May 2010 and shortlisted candidates will be notified by the IPA by 19th May 2010."

Best of luck with those opportunities.