Friday, 10 August 2007

Jack Bauer? How did you get in here?

I HAVE DEVOTED MY WHOLE LIFE TO PROTECTING MILLIONS OF AMERI - okay thats about all the Jack Bauer you're gonna get here I'm afraid.

I'll get the ball rolling with my entrance into adland as its easily the least glamorous of all of us.

Present: I'm fast approaching my first year at a Media Agency... Lets keep it at that. It is major one though, one of the top5 - lots of new business, lots of awards, lots of krispy kremes. I'm on the comms planning team working on a major Automotive client, an FMCG and until recently I was working on a major high street bank advertiser.

I got in on the grad scheme after an interview, aptitude test and grad assessment day (more on these later). I reckon most of it was knowledge and talent - rest was the agency needing to fill their ethnic minority staff quota!

Past: Prior to this I had a month experience at a small content creation agency in Brixton called Ramp (now Up-comms). Although it was unpaid, the work was good and I was involved in some tidy projects such as Channel 4's UK Tribes, Guardian's Digital Nation and Puma's Adopt a German campaign - all of which gave me sound understanding of 'yoof' and exposure to the rise of new media.

Future?: Media is where I am now but who knows if it will be where I end up.

And that's about it for an introduction... I've plenty to share on getting into adland and keen to help anyone.



Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

I think this is a great idea, but might it be better as a wiki?

The problem with blogs being the reverse chronology.

For example, Will and Jack's experiences of getting into the industry will always be relevant, but are going to get pushed way down the archive with every new post.

A wiki might make it a more browsable resource hub for grads. You could still have a blog element for keeping up to date with current grad schemes etc.

Just an idea. Thought I'd mention it before things really got under way.

Will said...


I think (in time) a wiki will be introduced - and I've got an old Squidoo lens which needs to be updated and reimported..

Thanks for the comment mate..

Doug said...

alright Bauer,

what's with the continued secrecy?!

i think you should celebrate your real identity...

well done on starting this blog guys, will be watching with interest

Amelia said...

Good stuff - really nice idea.

I think that having a digital hub for wannabe ad folks is a smart one - sharing your stories, interview tips, agencies/people to avoid maybe.

It's probably bigger than just the blog when you start to think about the opportunity.

Anyway, good luck!

Anonymous said...

I refuse to get my name in blue and I dunno if I can be arsed to write about how I got in. But any other questions welcome.

Man love

Anonymous said...

Anton you diva, we already have your story on adlads