Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Omnicom and Facebook and University Career Services

Kind of like Sesame Street. Which is still Awesome.

I've got 3 things to say. Firstly I'm going to be at Omnicom's Summer School from Thursday, so if you're going I'll see you there (say hi, I swear I've had my shots) but if you're not - fear not as I'll be blogging about everything that goes down right here later on.

Secondly, we've had a gazillion emails (okay more like -4) asking about Facebook - whether we're going to set up a group or something like that. Well we're not. The main reason being Musa Tariq (who works at JWT) has set up a group already (which you can find here) and it's coming along well, so to start a new group would be pointless. So join the group.

Finally, we've had some contact from universities and students about coming to talk to you guys come term time. If you think you'd want to hear us talk a little about the ad industry, the different job roles, application form technique and all the rest of it, fire me an email and I'll get the ball rolling.

That's pretty much it for now, we've been online for just about two weeks and have over 1000 hits. So thank you guys. Seriously. It's been awesome hearing from so many of you, and there's definitely more to come, so stick with us.

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