Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Jack wisely started some FAQs yesterday that we're gonna put on the wiki by the end of next week. As September begins, the wiki will be fully operational. So keep checking back here.


Anonymous said...

Mind if I suggest an FAQ?

"What clothes should I wear to the interview/placement?"

Sounds pretty facile, but rumour has it that Mother won't give you the time of day if you turn up in a suit + tie which, let's face, eager grads are bound to do.

Jack Bauer said...

Okay good move Sammy. But do keep the FAQ's coming in folks!

Good question AJ. I turned up to TBWA in Manchester in a suit, he gave me that 'what the fuck are you doing' look but actually blurted out "nice suit.."

Shirt and tie is a definite NO

Will said...

I may have to disagree slightly JB...most of the interviews I've been to (and believe me, it's not the age, it's the mileage), most men wore suit and tie.

Personally, I don't think the tie is essential..but a nice shirt and jacket shows you want to make the effort.

Any interview nowadays would be in shirt, jacket and jeans (yes, it's the Clarkson look.. but hell, I like it).

Jack Bauer said...

Sorry I should have made that more clear - shirt WITH a tie is not necessary these days.

LOL - The Clarkson look. Truly dapper but is it the typical 'adman suit' now? (you there Anton?!)

Anonymous said...

I have never ever ever ever worn a tie and would laugh at the chumps that did. Ties are way too formal and I would strongly advise that when going for grad interviews, suit with open neck shirt is perfect.

Having said that, as JB has witnessed first hand, I tend to attend client meetings in jeans, trainers, white shirt and suit jacket. Whatever makes you feel like a power monger, WEAR IT

Anonymous said...

That was me Anton by the way

Will said...

Anton, we all know your style guru is Michael Douglas in Wall St (or Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross).

I think what comes through in this little lot is just wear something smart and whatever you feel comfortable in. I quite like wearing ties, so I wore one. I don't wear one to work though (so perhaps that should inform on anyone's decision)

Anonymous said...

If I see you wearing a tie I may be forced to cut it just low of the knot



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