Thursday, 16 December 2010

Another graduate role...

I'm not sure they'd pay you in US Savings Bonds...

One more job has found its way to AdGrads towers. See below:

(Beta) is a relatively new creative agency, founded by Robert Campbell (formerly of Rainey, Kelly, Campbell, Roalfe) and Garry Lace (former CEO of Lowe, Grey and TBWA). Our major clients are Thomas Cook and Jackpot Joy, and we've just finished Iceland's Christmas campaign. We're looking for someone to be Garry's right hand man/ woman - sit in on all his meetings, have one to ones with clients, associates etc and deal with everything he doesn't have time to deal with.

It's a strong opportunity for a recent graduate - they would learn an incredible amount about the industry and the role of a suit and gain very valuable contacts. In short it's a fantastic stepping stone role.

The salary will be upwards of £20,000, and the position has no closing date - so get in quickly.

Best of luck guys.


Anonymous said...

Bit of a cheeky question, but do you think this is really just a job as a PA?

If it is, do you think it's still a good way to get into the industry?

Simon (I'm what Will was talking about) said...

It sounds like it. But yes it is still a good way to get in - I met a bunch of people at McCann who were ex-PAs turned account execs after a year or two.

Will said...

Hello Anon.

I would say it has duties akin to that, but (given the small size of the agency) it will be more than that.

As Simon says, it is a very good way to get into the business; both at Lowe and at Edelman, there have been ex-PAs who've become account folk/planners in time.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for answering - didn't realise it was such a common way in!

Anonymous said...

Considering that this job is paying 'upwards' of £20K, I was wondering if you could do a short feature on salaries for Ad Grads.

It seems to me that agencies very rarely disclose their salaries for grad schemes, which makes it very difficult to work out what to expect and what is the standard market rate. DDB were the only agency to tell applicants what salary they were offering from the outset (it was around 24K, if I remember correctly)...


Will said...

Hi Anon.

I'm more than happy to write about graduate salaries.

I'll pop something up soon.