Sunday, 12 December 2010

Four roles...

Mmm, lovely rol(l)es. And a bad visual example.

I have been a bit remiss about putting up job openings here, what with it being graduate recruitment season 'n' all. But here are four roles (well, one is an internship, but it's a fascinating one) for you to have a look at.

The first is at Manchester United, of all places (a bit of a change from your average ad agency). They're offering six week internships for interested/interesting graduates. See below:

"It's an all year round series of 6 week marketing internships working for Manchester United at Old Trafford. The available roles in the Marketing Dept are be filled through the STEP Programme ( but you can also email your CV direct to The role involves working with global brands including AON, Nike, Audi, Smirnoff, Singha and Hublot on activation programmes as part of their partnership with the world's biggest football brand."

The other three roles are at Carat. They all revolve around media/comms planning or buying. We've been given some quite detailed specs, so see below for more detail. You can apply by emailing before the end of January, but the roles are likely to be filled quickly, so don't hang about...Anyway, more details are below:

1. Broadcast/Press Buying (please specify your preference)

  • The role of a buyer in the broadcast department is not just about TV. The broadcast department at Aegis Media are experts across TV, Radio, Cinema and on-line video.
  • Aegis are looking for motivated and driven individuals who are interesting in starting a graduate career in media planning and buying across TV, Radio, Cinema, Online Video and Press. If you have excellent communication skills and have the hard work and determination to succeed then read on...
  • Through integrated team structures our media experts collaborate with planning and digital specialists to ensure the best communication opportunities are secured for our clients.
  • Vital to the role is the ability to be analytical and strong numerically. Attention to detail is essential to ensure campaigns are accurate and there are no mistakes which could be costly to the client. Additionally we expect candidates to demonstrate a passion and enthusiasm for media and to have a sound understanding of topical industry issues.
  • To be offered a role, candidates must show an ability to influence and negotiate at the Graduate Assessment Centre and a potential to develop well in this attribute.
  • Duties involved in the role include:

1. Monitoring and buying of TV/Press campaigns.

2. Assisting the team in channel planning across TV, Radio, Cinema and VOD

3. Developing relationships with media owner representatives (e.g. ITV) to aid exceptional delivery of campaigns.

4. Develop knowledge of key systems to enable efficient processing of booking schedules and monitoring performance.

5. Use of Excel spreadsheets to record all bookings/requests/conversations/negotiations and briefings.

6. Supplying clients with pre, mid and post campaign analysis.

7. Undertake competitive analysis.

8. Solve queries and flag up booking anomalies to team members.

2, Performance Planning

  • The Performance Planning team deliver planning insight and media strategies across a range of clients including SeeSaw , Panasonic, Credit Confidential , and the Trainline; and across a range of communications challenges (brand, launch, acquisition).
  • Day to day responsibilities include sourcing and managing digital performance data; interrogating research sources to support audience and market insight; monitoring competitive investment strategies; producing regular summaries and reports across all of these areas.

Skills required:

- Attention to detail

- Analytical

- Numerate

- Strong excel and powerpoint skills

- Enthusiasm for drawing insight out of data and analyses

- Personable with great interpersonal skills

3. Media Planning

  • Developing good relationships with clients, agency teams and external agencies
  • Using key planning systems to generate insight and substantiation for media recommendations
  • Management and updating of media plans
  • Competitive and marketplace reports for clients
  • Participation in generation of innovative and creative media ideas
  • Working closely with implementation teams to ensure optimum execution of media strategies and plans,

I hope those four are of interest. Best of luck with them.


Will said...

Previous commenter - Umm, that's spam.

Bye bye.

Anonymous said...

Hi AdGrads

Thanks for your recent post regarding job roles at Carat.

However, would it be better to apply for the graduate scheme as opposed to these new roles? I'm just concerned that taking on one of these roles wouldn't provide as good training as a graduate position.


Will said...

Hi Anon.

To tell you the truth, I can't honestly answer that - I have no idea about the Carat grad scheme... however, I would say that if you knew what job you wanted to do, then applying directly for a role makes sense - it means you get to cut out some of the unnecessary grad bits and bobs.

Anyone from Carat care to comment?

Anonymous said...

Hi Will

Hope you're well.

Quick question: does working for a media agency provide a good route for getting into an advertising agency?

There seem to be more media jobs out there but I want to end up at an ad agency. Is it still worth going for media agency for industry experience?

Will said...

Hi Anon.

It really depends; basic account handling and comms planning skills are useful for both sides, but to learn account planning, you really need to be working with a creative product.

I have friends who have done it, so don't be dissuaded by starting in media - there has been increasing amounts of crossover in recent years.

Anonymous said...

Any ideas whether the Man Utd interships are still open for applications?


Will said...

Hi Anon. Yes, they are. There's a new email address to send bits and bobs to though: cheryl.ennis at .

big suit said...

So Yummy! can i get one for free? hehehe

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