Sunday, 9 January 2011

Two more schemes open...

Two more open (sesame)

Hello there gang. Two more schemes to draw your attention to.

The original Saatchis' has opened its doors to its Summer Scholarship on Facebook. Sign up to its group here for more information. There's no closing date at the moment, but I imagine it'll be updated as it goes.

Publicis's scheme has opened. Check it out here. Their twitter stream is here. It shuts on February the 1st at 6pm. I have been told that the initial graduate email was incorrect, so use the email if you've been eager and sent your details in early.

Best of luck with those two.


Lauren BE said...

Really looking forward to seeing what Saatchi's Facebook challenge will be!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Will & Sam,

AdGrads has been a goldmine so far in terms of interview tips. But haven't seen much on final round WPP?

Anyone have any info as to what kind of structure the interviews take (competency/personal?) and what kind of qualities they look for in the presentation?

Any help would be insanely appreciated!

Anonymous said...

same as the above!!

Will said...

Hi Anon.

Neither Sam or I actually got through to the final round of WPP (which is a bit of a shame when trying to write a post on it).

I know a little bit about what goes on, but as this probably isn't current, I'll encourage WPP Fellows to get in touch to help co-write a post on the second round.



Anonymous said...

Awesome, would be much appreciated Will! Keep up the great work.

Coral L. said...

Thanks for all the info. This is one of the places where I come to find advertising opportunities that aren't just broadcasted everywhere.

So, thanks again