Monday, 1 October 2007

Something From The Weekend

Here we are.

We spent the day of rest at Anton's love shack in the East End, where he served up some rockin' salmon and played the part of the host like a pro.
In betwix the conversation and videogame themed shenanigans, we managed to record a podcast, with some (very basic) pointers on all things application forms. That podcast will be edited and whacked up here very soon. We hope.

Also we're planning an AdGrads shindig on Saturday, November 3 - it will be half work and all play, so book that day off. We're hoping to make it really useful for all of you guys. 

And finally, we've set up a Facebook group for you guys to give us some feedback on the podcast, the forthcoming (we haven't forgotten it) wiki and all things AdGrads related. 
It's a closed group and we're going to keep it totally on topic, so no spamming action will be had. 

Join it here and tell all your application-type friends.


Anonymous said...

umm, I'm gonna be in Newcastle on November 3rd...can we do it the following weekend?


Oakie Chiraskamin said...

Nice idea. I joined the group.

Jack Bauer said...

here we go with the cancellations...

welcome aboard Oakie

Anonymous said...

dude, i said this as you all left my abode on Sunday