Tuesday, 16 October 2007

busy as fck

Meh, I can not wait until this month is over. In Media Land October is synonymous with planning for the first quarter of the next year. True, it is possibly the most exciting time to be at work, money (client's) is flying around left right and centre, creative media brainstorm sessions all over the place, new media opportunities and following the September intake of grads there may even be some new faces around (Yes I have looked up the grad that I'm getting next week but there are too many under his/her name)..but it is definately the busiest.

As before, not the one to ask what times are like in the fluffy side of things, but the agencies I work with AMV, Publicis, WCRS all seemed to rammed with never-ending-to-do-lists. I'm surprised I'm getting away with posting here to be honest.

So what does this mean for you guys that have pressed send, licked the stamp or signed the cheque for your applications? Time of entering the industry is important.

Personally, I think now (September - November) is a very interesting time to enter. The place has an evident buzz about it, you would be able to get stuck into things right away - thrown in right at the deep end if you like. Which is important for learning fast. Your team will get to see what you are like when under pressure - let's face it, most of the time you are going to be under pressure.

When I joined we did have the option to defer our start date, but I made the right choice entering at September. You get to see how the planning forms and just how much it can change in such a short space of time before things get booked too. Socially - it's a crucial time to mingle with the adfolk in the run up to the agency Christmas party. Make some fucking friends.

And while October and the start of November may be completely manic, the jollies and parties come flooding in at around week 47. The Ivy, Cavas de Gaucho, The Fat Duck, Hakisan, Nobu - the choice will be yours as the media owners (usually Outdoor) thank you for the business you have provided them over the year.

So keep this little piece of info in mind and do not join in August. Adland just shuts down.


Anonymous said...

Who's the hottie on your screen Alex?

Will said...

I KNEW there was something going on with you two..or is it more of a 'virtual' relationship?