Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Diary Of An Applicant

Ok guys, this is the part where I need your help. We know we have readers, because statcounter tells us so, and I've come up with an idea for a regular column/post thing over at our Brand Republic spot. It's ingeniously called the Diary of an Applicant. I could write it myself, and chronicle how the whole grad recruitment process goes, but I'd rather everyone contributes a bit, because that'll make it infinitely more interesting and a ton more readable.

So what I'm after is this: a couple of lines about how it's all going so far, which agencies you've been to see on open days, recruitment events etc, what your impressions have been of the agencies, of the staff, of the application forms..what you like, what you don't and all that. You can email them to me here. And if you don't want to me to use your name/names of people who you really didn't like, let me know and I promise I won't use them in the BR blog.

I really think this could be a really cool thing to get going, I plan on hopefully getting a new post up every Wednesday, I've done the 1st one, but am hoping to get some more good stuff before I put it up on the BR blog tomorrow.

Hope applications are going ok and as always ask us questions if you have any..

Peace out..


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