Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Open Day Time

Everyone loves a rainbow, or so Will tells me. Copyright moi.

I'll be at JWT's open day tomorrow, if you're gonna be around say what's up. I'll be the one looking tired cause I'm up late typing this..


Anonymous said...

what exactly is graduate recruitment? i've seen sections for this on UK sites (i'm in the U.S.) - is this an internship-like program for planners?

The AdLads said...

Hey Courtney, grad recruitment is basically a wave of recruitment into ad agencies, where they get college grads fresh out of their graduation gowns and put them to the grindstone.

The type of jobs offered from agency to agency, some offer grad positions as planners, some as account peeps and some as both - it's not an internship usually, but some agencies now hire college grads for summer schools; internships that last 6ish weeks and make job offers to the best of them.

Hope that begins to answer your question, fire away if you have any more!