Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A few more Graduate opportunities...

Hopefully the rainbow brought on by a job will be less painful..

Hello all.

Sorry for the tremendously slow updates; a combination of Christmas and a very busy run up to the festive period left me sidelining AdGrads a tad. But no longer.

There are three opportunities to tell you about:

Publicis are running a graduate scheme that closes on the 22nd of January at 8pm. You can find out more here. You need to send the application form and your CV to gradteam at

Their blurb is below:

"Publicis London is looking for the most promising new grads to join our account management team. Successful applicants from the interview stage will be invited to the ADcademy: an intensive 4 day introduction to the ad industry taking place at 82 Baker Street. Here, you will glean insight from some of the best people in the business and learn what the job is all about, including pitching your idea to a real-life client.Following the ADcademy in April, some lucky grads will be offered places on the year long grad scheme to start in October 2012.

Saatchi's graduate page can be found here. Its Facebook page is here. It has yet to announce dates, but given the launch of the page/the relatively closed nature (you have to ask to be invited to the FB page) of the FB page in order to apply, you should sign up sooner rather than later. As soon as anyone knows the dates, please email me at william dot humphrey at UPDATE: I've been told this launches on the 19th of January, and anyone who asks can be a member of the FB group.

A few grads have alerted me to Fallon's internships. You can find out more here. In short, you can apply for a paid 3 month internship in account management or planning, or a month's creative placement by emailing myfuture at Planning internships are particularly thin on the ground, so you could definitely apply if Planning's something you might be interested in.

Good luck with those 3, all. I hope to post more regularly in the next few months.


Aldo Baker said...


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jess said...

guys when you have time could you do a post (or can you direct me to one in the archives) about the pros and cons of considering to use a recruitment agency like dylan or direct recruitment since it always comes across that most agencies outwardly and vocally protest feelings of hatred towards them, but yet its obvious they must still use them. Is it a viable route in (experience wise - i guess so)? Will it reflect badly on me? ect ect ...thanks!

ps. thanks for these :)

Will said...

Hi Aldo.

Thank you for your comment. I'm afraid that (for the foreseeable future), we don't publish blog posts about things not related to graduate recruitment.

Many thanks for getting in touch though.

Hi Jess,

More than happy to do so. A shorthand - agencies charge a percentage of your first year salary (usually in the region of 20/25%) when you're hired. Agencies definitely use them, though it's more commonplace for them to be used for more senior appointments, where the candidate has to be exactly right. With grads, most agencies train them up/grads are relatively inexpensive. So, there's less of a need for a recruiter. I'm in two minds about them for grads.

On one hand, they give an insight into which agencies are hiring/more info behind the scenes, or on the other hand, they make you more expensive/less attractive, which some agencies find hard to overlook.

I'll post about it in some form soonish.



The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog said...

Just wanted to say firstly how much I love your blog- has been a real help through the grad scheme app process...! Really enjoyed reading your posts, they remind me that I'm not the only one being rejected...and that something will come of it!

I've created a one-post blog about my experience so far, detailing what happened my interviews and assessment days that I think may help your readers... Could you check it out please? I'd like to help fellow wannabee ad-grads! :)


Stacey said...
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