Monday, 14 November 2011

Client services or creative? Or both?

Or a creative suit.

Two new roles to tell you about, chaps.

The good people at LN are after a client services intern; someone to start ASAP. They're after:

"A graduate that can demonstrate that they know what branding means, someone who is able to work under pressure, meet deadlines and has a keen eye for detail. The candidate will attend to the Global Executive Director a day a week, as well as routinely attending brand clinics. Enthusiasm is very important, as is being conscientious. A Spanish speaker is preferable."

"Ogilvy have decided that as most graduate schemes (historically) focus on account handling and planning, that they'd like to run a creative version. Find out more here and here. You'd be working in the creative departments of Dialogue and Ogilvy Action, working with some of the biggest brands in the world - Gillette, Duracell, Braun, Venus and Coca-Cola, giving them access to some of the incredible talent and knowledge within the Ogilvy Group. Various top design universities are taking part, and while we have focused on key creative Universities, such as Kingston, Bournemouth and others, this opportunity is not limited to advertising students.

We know that creativity can come from any discipline or background. Any graduate who feels they can create and execute an idea that can change or reinforce consumer behaviour is eligible for this amazing opportunity. Partners in the scheme are DNA (a boutique specialist Recruitment Consultant) and the MAA(representing the industry). Ogilvy will also have the involvement of P&G in judging our future creative stars. Plus they're exhibiting the finalists’ entries in our Westbourne Terrace office wine bar from February 2012."

Good luck, chaps.


Anonymous said...

Shame the ogilvy scheme it only for 2011 graduates or people going to graduate.

Would be wonderful if you could do a creative focused post on getting into the industry...along with any opportunities you may know of.

Fantastic blog, keep it up!

Will said...

Hello Anon.

Thanks for the kind words; it's good to know AG has been useful.

Two things to tell you about - there are creative focused posts in the archives - check out the Star Stories tag. There are posts from Rory Sutherland and Ben Kay, amongst others.

In terms of a post on creative opportunities, the YCC (Young Creative Council) is your best bet. They are kind of like an AdGrads for aspiring creatives:

Hope that's useful.



Anonymous said...

I am interested on this position, how can I apply for this? many thanks

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