Tuesday, 17 February 2009

An Awesome Grad Role

This is Alfonso, the original Geronimo fish. Check him out on Twitter.

Hey everyone.

, the agency I work at are hiring! We're looking for a junior account executive to start soon to work on ING, SEAT and a bunch of new business stuff that's too secret for me to talk about on the interwebs.

We're a small-ish agency so you have to be immensely awesome in all ways, shapes and forms. If you have any questions or want to apply, send me an email with your CV so I can pass it on to HR pronto. Boom. And good luck!

Oh and no headhunters please. Muchos gracias.

Updatification: I've had about 5 CVs through in the 2 hours this has been up, keep 'em coming and thanks and good luck. Also when I wrote no headhunters I meant no headhunters. Thanks!

Update numero dos: I'll keep this post up until Friday and then it'll be looking at CVs time, have had 13 so far. Gimme some more.


Will said...

Geronimo - erecting the drawbridge into the comms world since 2008.

Sam Ismail said...

Humphrey you need help


Pat said...

Just realised why the fish is in the picture! :)

G said...

The link to your email only lets me connect to mac mail and i don't have an account with them. Could you either post your email address on here or email it to me gwilc@hotmail.co.uk and i will definatly send over my CV, Geronimo sounds like a plan!

Anonymous said...

Hello, just wondering, when does Geronimo want the new account exec to start? As I'm at uni and will be finishing in May.


demon_burnout said...

Hey Sam, niiiice blog! Just wondering if Geronimo have filled that position for Junior acc. exec. yet?