Sunday, 8 March 2009

Before You Get In...

Kilgour's finest. Picture via Sleevehead. Usual rules apply. should probably read about what the job's *really* like.

By my own confession, I was a pretty bloody rubbish account handler. As a result of this, i've got tremendous respect for those who can do the job well.

A new blog has started, one called Adland Suit.

Mr Suit is a senior suit at an agency, and writes candidly about what the job's like, and how he/she/it is finding things.

Well, he/she/it has just written an excellent post on what the job entails. Have a read of this - 'everything is your fault'. Great stuff, and it takes no prisoners.


AdLand Suit said...

You are too kind, Mr Humphrey. Very glad to be of use and service. (PS Sometimes I write nice things - I do believe the Account Man has the best job in the Agency.)

big suit said...

GReat stuff! you can also try reccomended