Monday, 15 October 2012

Dare's 2012/13 grad scheme...

You don't have to enter a room like this man - but it might help.

Hello all.

I've had another agency get in touch; Dare have let AdGrads know about their graduate scheme, which has just opened.

Details are below:

"Recent graduates and daredevil wannabes. This is Dare calling. We’re pleased to announce that we’re kicking off our Grad Scheme for October 2013 with a slightly different take on your standard application form.

We’ve been playing a bit of truth AND dare. We reckon you’re probably quite bored of answering the same questions on your applications, so we’ve dared ourselves to create a form that veers off the path slightly. We’d like to know how brave you are, as well as finding out how you think and what makes you tick.

Because we do stuff differently here, it wouldn’t make sense to copy everyone else in how we find our grads. We’re unique. Something we knew right from the off when we challenged convention by merging a traditional and a digital agency. What’s more, this diversity means our grads get to work on an unusual blend of projects; everything from TV to radio and apps to Facebook pages.

You’ll be able to find out more along the way on our Facebook and Twitter pages, which we’ll be stuffing with useful and interesting bits of information about what you can expect of us. We’re also running live Q&As alongside the application process to answer any queries you have about life at Dare towers. Our existing grads will be all ears.

We’d also like to invite you to our Open Day on Tuesday 30th October. It’s your chance to meet us, ask questions and have a nose around Dare Towers. It is first come, first served – as a result, we can only accept the first 100 people to request an invite. RSVP by emailing daregrads2013 at

First things first; head over here to get your application underway- we dare you.

Good luck and hopefully see you soon!


Good luck, everyone. NB - the scheme's applications close on the 9th of November, so be quick.

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D.S said...

I think you should do an article on how most of the agencies don't give feedback after interviews! How are we grads supposed to learn and realise what we are doing wrong if we don't get feedback! I have had 6 interviews and the only agency that has put in time and effort to give feedback was McCann and they should be rightly applauded.

I can understand not giving feedback if you don't get to the interview stage but I think its only fair that if you do reach the interview stage you should get something back. A post about this should hopefully let agencies realise the importance of this as after so many interviews I am still no clearer on where I am going wrong.

I regularly read Campaign, study adverts and have a genuine passion for the industry. But I am not sure what else I have to do to help my chances. I graduated with a good degree from a top 10 university too if that has any weight which I doubt.