Sunday, 6 February 2011

A few brilliant new opportunities...

Yes, those guys.

Hello gang.

With graduate recruitment season drawing to a close, I thought it would be a good idea to draw your attention to two other opportunities.

Number one is at the aforementioned company. You might have heard of them.

Anyway, they've (and another company) been in touch with us here at AdGrads towers to tell of some vacancies for bright grads:

1) Despite newspaper reports of 1 in 5 graduates being unemployed, Google had a great 2010 and are looking to ramp up their hiring in 2011.

Google's Online Media Associate Programme is a 2.5 year career development programme which offers international graduates from all academic disciplines an insight into online business, advertising and new technologies. The program is available in both our European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and our Wroclaw office in Poland.

There are also positions available in the London office, which can be found at, such as Account Manager or Industry Analyst.

If you have a strong academic record and would like to find out more about working for Google, or would like to apply for any of these roles, feel free to contact Nicola at!

That one's exciting enough, but another is still open:

2) The second is at Manchester United, of all places (it has been previously advertised, but now has a new email address to send CVs to). They're offering six week internships for interested/interesting graduates. See below:

"It's an all year round series of 6 week marketing internships working for Manchester United at Old Trafford. The available roles in the Marketing Dept are be filled through the STEP Programme ( but you can also email your CV direct to (note, it has changed) . The role involves working with global brands including AON, Nike, Audi, Smirnoff, Singha and Hublot on activation programmes as part of their partnership with the world's biggest football brand."

So there you have it. Get applying.


Anonymous said...

i was working on the google snap internship website, timed out, and now its gone. how do i get back on it.

big suit said...

I just like google rather than yahoo.