Friday, 12 March 2010

A new role from The Nursery...

You probably won't be working here. Unless you're naughty.


A rather interesting brief has just winged its way to us at AdGrads.

Chris and the chaps at The Nursery are looking for someone to train up as a qual researcher. If you want to learn what makes people tick, and are fascinated about why they do the things they do, starting at The Nursery would be a good job for you.

Anyway, the details are below. Best of luck:

The Nursery Research and Planning is looking for someone marvellous to train as a qualitative researcher.

The company was formed in 2001 by ex ad agency people who wanted to fill the gap for a more useful, nurturing style of research.

We are the world’s leading experts in brand communications research. Typical projects involve helping agencies and clients identify the potential across candidate creative routes. We use a mix of qualitative research techniques and increasingly our innovative online research methodologies.

We need another smart cookie who ‘gets’ advertising ideas and can articulate why one concept is more promising than another. You may not have considered a career in market research but we reckon we deal with the most interesting parts of the advertising process. Think of us as marrying up consumer insights with creative ideas.

Only five people have left us in our 9 years: One emigrated to work for Unilever Australia (and live on Bondi Beach), one to a senior role at another research company and three have become planners. (at Red Brick Road, Isobel and Wolff Olins.)

Drop us a line with your CV explaining why you’d be great in this job.

Good luck.

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