Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Of Things Twitter..

Where our followers be. Of course we wanna be worldwide baby.

I love Twitter. Not cause Diddy, Ashton Kutcher or Britney Spoons use it, but cause it rocks. Plus it makes it easier to send out quick messages for stuff that comes up, like new grad opportunities, internships and all the rest of it.

Sooo we set up AdGrads on Twitter a little while back, and initially just used it to tell people when we had posted new stuff. But broadcast only stuff sucks, so I thought it would be better to get a little conversation in the house on the Twitter front. Humphrey and I are already on it spouting garbage about the Dallas Cowboys (me) and tweed (Humphrey), you can follow us if you like but for more focused AdGrads stuff, it's gots to be AdGrads.

So to help Twitter be a place where you can ask questions and get them answered relatively quickly as well as being able to find out new job related stuff pronto, I'm gonna be giving away stuff on Twitter for every 50 follwers we get. Over the weekend I gave away 4 advertising type books to people who were already there, as a sort-of thank you.

So now every time we hit 50 new followers, I'll give something away, maybe a book, maybe a movie, maybe a PSP or PS3 game, maybe something else. But it'll be free to first person to reply to me.

Get on Twitter and follow AdGrads. Cause it rocks. Happy short week to y'all and good luck to all those who are in exam hell in the coming weeks.



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