Friday, 15 May 2009

London Digital Week and Application Workshops

This is a little bit of a sneak peak, but I thought it's worth letting y'all know this early.

I'm involved with London Digital Week (also on Twitter @digitalweek - follow us!), which is scheduled to run from the 21st to the 27th of September. The plan is that on the 27th (the Sunday) there's a day of AdGrads; some stuff from industry heavyweights, some stuff on applications and some interview tips. It should be awesome and hopefully helpful as it's at just about the right time that applications will open.

Soooo if you can, try and be free on the 27th, more details to come soon.

And if you happen to go to Warwick University, we should be doing a workshop for a small number of people, totally ripping apart application form questions and some more in-depth advice. We're really looking forward to it. If you'd like to have some similar stuff go down at your university, shoot us an email and we'll see how we can help.

In the meantime, here's a little presentation I did for Brett and his homeys at Warwick. Criticism, comments and questions as always are most welcome. Have a great weekend everyone.


Daisy said...

I like the 10 points bit (what do you mean by interruption?)

hey, did you attended the Omnicom summer school? You look familiar...

Sam Ismail said...

Hey Daisy

Yeah I was at the Omnicom Summer School, you were there as well? Small world!

By interruption i mean advertising being something that gets in the middle of your entertainment, like a TV commercial in the middle of a movie on ITV or a pop up while you're checking your email etc. With stuff like TiVo and Sky+ you can watch what you when you want and fast forward through the ads, Firefox blocks pop ups, some add-ons can totally get rid of web advertising etc.

So what I meant was is that interesting compelling content that fosters conversation and interaction is what we should all be aiming for, and not necessarily in the media formats that advertising has traditionally been associated with.

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