Saturday, 8 November 2008

Some Agency Props..

Like this a lot. Via invisibleElement. Usual rules apply.

Well, after Sam's denunciation of another agency's graduate recruitment, I thought it'd be a good idea to talk about when an agency does it really well.

[NB: I've not been paid, nor do I work for the agency in question. Honest.]

TBWA, take a bow. This pdf is very very good. It should be required reading for anyone contemplating a career in our business. If I was a potential grad, it'd be bloody useful.

Nice one chaps.


Anonymous said...

I loved that PDF to bits even if it doesn't concern me right now but it's really well written and honest despite their rumoured jealousy of TBWA Manchester and their clients :)

Anonymous said...

A pity that their recruitment day last year was an utter x-factor led farce.

Sam Ismail said...

Sadly I will always call out stupidity, I'll leave you to try and play politician :)

Hope you get your brownie points Humphraaaaay

Anonymous said...

Yay :-)

Francisco said...

Is it just me or page 8 of this pdf was taken straight out from Paul Arden's "Whatever you think, think the opposite"?

Is this TBWA's interpretation of being creative?!