Thursday, 13 November 2008

A Point For Awesomeness

Campaign - 14 November 2008

While getting my early morning Facebook on Musa gave me the heads up about AdGrads getting into Campaign for laying the smack down on BMB and giving some love to TBWA. That's awesome, but we won't stop calling it like we see it or let the fame get to our heads :)

And come January, when all the dust has settled from the graduate recruitment stuff, we'll be asking all of y'all to give us your best and worst applying/interviewing experiences so we can do a graduate recruitment report card. By you and for you. I had to put a cheesy line at the end. Whatever.


Unknown said...

sam good work on the shameless tbwa plug, how is life over there?

tom thake

Sam Ismail said...

I didn't write the plug and I'm not at TBWA dude, so I wouldn't know ;)

Hope you're doing good dude.

Will said...

I wrote the TBWA article, and I work at Lowe. Haha.

Nice, very nice.

faris said...


Sam Ismail said...

B to the double O M for sure Faris.

I'm coming out to NYC in late January dude, if you're free will be awesome to meet up and beveragificate.

Anonymous said...

Well done lads - killing it.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ad Grads people. Would you guys consider reviewing our site Our advertising section is still small compared to the rest of the site, but growing swiftly. If not, perhaps you would consider a link from your blogroll?!

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome.

Hopefully someone in HR somewhere reads it.

Anonymous said...

Saw you in Campaign, nice work

Anonymous said...

Hmm, am definitely loving the TBWA post. Cheers guys ;-)