Monday, 4 February 2008

Calling All Grads

For those of you that have graduated and are still searching for that way into adland, we may have something for you.

Digitas are looking for a grad to start in account management as soon as possible - also known as 'yesterday'. They wanna move quick so you should as well. Their client list is long and full of heavy hitters so check out their website for the lowdown and if you're interested send your CV to Rob Moore. You will have to have graduated because they want someone who can start pronto.

On a side note, we're not going to EVER let headhunters or recruitment agencies hawk their general wares to you. But if agencies get in touch about grad-level roles they have, we will chuck 'em out to y'all. And we don't get commission (cause I know someone will ask!).

Peace out and good luck.



Seth Campbell said...


thanks for that, I typed so quickly I nearly went back in time :)

Jack Bauer said...

SethV! Why are you invisible of face book?? we need to rendevouz dammit x

Seth Campbell said...

hit me, im waiting your call...

seth v o campbell

Anonymous said...

I'll be doing a placement at Digitas, 7 weeks this summer. Seems like a good place to start before the Watford Course in September!