Monday, 3 December 2007

Make Time For A Moustache

I'm pretty sure you don't need any words right here.

Alex is growin a tache, a mo, some face get the picture. Not cause he wants to (well he may want to, but I'm gonna go with the he doesn't want to slant), but because he's a giving a kinda guy. He's doing it for The Prostrate Cancer Charity and started growing that bad boy a month ago. Now I know from first hand experience that getting your handlebar on is no easy thing, so I'm asking all y'all (cause he's too nice to) to help make sure that his efforts are not in vain.

Head over to Movember and give to a great cause, click on 'sponsor a mo bro' and enter our brave soul's donor number: 120394.

Thanks everyone.


Jack Bauer said...


What a legend you are! Thanks for this sneaky little post.

Yes I have been busy tidying up the year, figuring out what money has not been spent and collating it into a huge pot for some short term deals. Might sound boring but it really does make you feel like a puppet master.

today is the last day you can Donate for Movember - I've raised over £200 and the Carat Movember team are doing well - but we need to beat Mindshare.

Seth Campbell said...

That really is outstanding