Friday, 23 November 2007

Taking A Blind Corner

There was going to be a cool caption here, but I'm too tired now..

Today is kind of like the rounding the first corner of a road that is totally unknown to you. As of about 6pm tonight, there will be a handful of agencies left for us all to apply to, and many of them haven't started their respective processes yet. Off the top of my head, only DAS and Iris are open right now, with Leo Burnett, Publicis, Ogilvy and DraftFCB yet to show their hands.

I feel relieved. Out of all the applications, the only one I didn't do was BMB, because at some point I felt I had to give my degree some time before it's too late.

I think next week is chock full of interviews, so I'm hoping everyone does well in all the ones they have. As a reminder, interview advice is here and here.

Also if you haven't heard anything good from the places you've applied to, don't worry because throughout the year and the summer there will be formal and informal opportunities to get your foot in the door, we'll cover some of these in future posts.

Application season might be turning into interview season, but we're not done yet. For tonight though, I am.


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