Saturday, 17 November 2007

I Got Some Bad News..

Even though you know it's bound to happen, it still stings..

9:25am Friday morning, and the email account I've reserved for all things application-flavored gives the little squeaky sound effect. You got mail. I open up the mail and it's the first rejection of the year from McCann. And despite the fact that I knew this was definitely going to happen with some of my applications, I felt miserable.

But the 'thanks but no thanks' message will no doubt be given to the grand majority of us applying at some point, and the best thing is to pick yourself up and get back to it. I'm a big fan of the groups on Facebook that allow us to let everyone know who's heard what from where. Yeah it's not going to change any decisions that are made, but it's easier to take waiting when you know others are waiting.

I really believe we're all in this together, it's not easy to get into advertising and I really believe that everyone who wants it enough will get in. I don't see the point and think it's so petty to sit in a corner and not share what's happening with others. If you're confident in yourself (which we all should be) then telling someone who's got an interview a day after yours what the format was isn't a big deal. One thing that's very noticeable is that people in advertising are very open to giving out advice and sharing experiences with others, our star stories are a testament to that. And all us applicants are by and large, sharing our experiences with forms and interviews, which I think is awesome.

I realise that this post has turned into a bit of a rant, because of a message I got from someone who asked what was the point in telling people about what format my RKCR interview took. Rather than send a sarcasm-laden message back to that person about how they needed to grow up, it's all come out here. I hope it kinda makes sense.


Kate said...

Bad luck Sam. Rejection is rubbish but it's good that you got JWT in the same day.

And I was really pleased to see you and others posting about the RKCR interviews- knowing that they're nice and having an idea of what would happen was comforting in this pretty nerve-wracking time. Anyway, their style meant that a lot of the questions were personal and no-one can really prepare for that.

I do find it interesting that someone was critical of you for doing that though- in second round interviews we'll all have to work together anyway, and someone with the mindset that all the other applicants are competition and helping them is a bad thing might struggle with teamwork at that stage.

Sam said...

Aye, rejections are a bitch, but they make those other emails all the sweeter: it's a fundamental law of gambling. After all, it's the very possibility of failing that makes us want to succeed...

As for the other thing: if you're pitting open, supportive communication against sub-Machiavellian self-promotion, I'd say it's pretty clear the former is a far more effective and rewarding route to success. It's vital to remember that anyone who gets through this process will ultimately be working with at least one of their fellow interviewees.

Besides, it's my conviction that nice guys only finish last if they don't do their research.


Jack Bauer said...

guys, when you find out about Rainey's round 2 (ding ding) ?

The AdLads said...

Apparently today AJ

Unknown said...

Ah - I had the same sinking feeling from JWT. Sucks, doesn't it?! Although I suppose I might see you at Rainey's on Weds...

The AdLads said...

Kate and Sam

Thanks for your comments guys, you're totally right, 2nd stage interviews and the process as a whole are all about teamwork and information sharing. Heck this blog is about that, so to approach it with a cloak of secrecy deserves say, a punch in the mouth.

Hannah, indeed it's a bad bad feeling, but as Anton told me this morning when I was moaning to him about not getting RKCR 2nd round "It's all part of the process, idiot". So we just have to keep on keeping on. Good luck for Wednesday!