Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Two unique opportunities....

They don't knock, but they might tick.

Hi guys.

I've just been alerted to two of graduate/junior roles, all of which I think could be filled by AdGrads readers.

Both are from KesselsKramer - their London office, the KK Outlet, is looking for two people for two roles.

1) A smart strategist. KK Outlet is looking for a smart strategist who is also super organised who is also able to manage accounts who is also able to get their hands dirty. KK Outlet is KesselsKramer's London office based in Hoxton square – it's a cultural centre, thanks to its gallery and a communications agency with projects and clients in London and Europe. The suitable person is expected to manage some key accounts as well as work on new business, new briefings and the cultural output of the agency. Two years experience, but less is ok if you're the right fit and send a nice email. Details – about work and about yourself please – to info at

2) A talented writer. KK Outlet (KesselsKramer's London office) is looking for a talented writer who is also a very smart conceptual thinker who is able to write anything be it copy, business solutions, short stories, short films, even shorter press releases, letters to lawyers, obituaries, product recall ads, book blurbs, amazon reviews or whisky labels, and can explain a good idea in words so effortlessly that those listening will faint with admiration. You don't need to have an advertising background, but if you do 1 or 2 or so years experience will do. Details – some work and any personal projects please – to info at

Good luck, guys.


Anonymous said...

Well.. thats not a graduate job unfortunately :(
The role is part time and salary is dependent on experience.

Will said...

Hi Anon.

Provided you could show writing experience, I think folk could apply for the second. The first, fair enough.