Sunday, 4 September 2011

Lambie-Nairn need YOU..

You might be someone who thinks like this...

Hi all.

The lovely Lambie-Nairn are after a full time intern to start in November. I'll let the blurb explain more:

"We are looking for a full-time intern to start in November 2011 to support the marketing, communications and new business team. Activities will include processing weekly business development reports, research and analysis of sectors, monitoring of press for client teams and general administrative support.

The individual needs to have a positive flexible attitude, strong attention to detail and, most importantly, be an excellent communicator.

The internship would be on a rolling monthly basis and it's a great chance for the right person to gain indispensable experience in the world of branding.

People who are doing a year in industry are welcome but as it's a full-time position they must be able to do a full working week.

Applicants will need to send a CV and covering letter to careers at with the subject header "Internship 2011"."

Is this you? Get in touch, and good luck, guys and gals.


Mr Obvious said...

How much money?

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Obvious,

I can confirm it is a paid Internship.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

who are you that we can take seriosly your confirmation?

Natasha said...

I have tried to apply for this position a few times but I keep getting an undeliverable email from postmaster...Could you confirm the email address for me please? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

When do the applications close? I can't find information about this on their website.

Will said...

Hi Natasha and the Anonymouses... I haven't heard more from LN.

I'll email to ask. If I get an update, I will post in the comments.

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