Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Young APG awards..

You too could win one of these shiny, shiny lightbulbs...

Hello there.

The APG have been in touch with me to alert you strategic, AdGrad types about the second year of its 'Young Talent' award.

So, without further ado:

"Every year the APG awards the leading strategic thinking in the industry. When the last APG awards came around in 2009, we expanded this to include a Young Talent prize, aimed at awarding the best thinking for students in full time education.

We wanted to let you know that the deadline for the 2011 Awards is imminent - Friday August 26th, 2011.

The awards are simple to enter. In just 1,000 words, tell us about a brand that you would like to invent that would appeal to people your age. The brand should be invented completely from scratch. The best 3 entries will be given a prize at the 2011 Awards Ceremony in front of leading strategists from all of the London's best advertising agencies. They also represent a great way of securing a job in the industry: of last year's winners, two are now in full-time employment in advertising agencies and the third will walk into a glittering career when she graduates from university.

Details of the award can be found on the website

Good luck, gang.


Elise Harper said...

Hi Guys,
Very keen to sink my teeth into writing a submission for this award! Only slight issue - I currently live in Australia. I am moving to London in March next year for the purpose of starting a career in advertising, so unsure where this places me for the APG Young Talent Awards. Is it exclusively for current UK residents or could a London-Grad-to-be shimmy in on the action?

alex_ashby said...


Firstly, big fan of the blog- keep it up!

Do you know of any grad schemes for junior planners? It's the role I know I'll end up in, but agencies don't seem to be recruiting grads in that position as much as they used to...any pointers would be very much appreciated.



Will said...

Hi Elise.

You'd have to check with the judges, but I'm fairly sure you can submit one. The best thing to do would be to contact Gareth Goodall or Anton Reyniers through the APG's site. Sorry to not be more helpful, but I'm sure the APG can clear it up.

Hi Alex.

In terms of Junior Planner recruitment, it's more 'open' than it used to be; the McCann grad scheme (launched in the week) seems to suggest that you could end up as a planner/creative technologist or more. Ogilvy do Planning Fellowships as well..and I know BBH and DDB always recruit Junior Planners. Beyond that, I don't know/think so.

In terms of pointers; well - just get yourself out there. Have an opinion. Write. Don't slag off ads, but offer a constructive opinion about them/the industry. Essentially, do whatever you can to showcase your thinking. And, if possible, try to chat to senior planners, either at industry events, beer evenings or something similar. It's not an easy process in as a Junior Planner, but doing all of the above helped me. I hope that's useful.