Monday, 22 November 2010

Final lot of Grad schemes...

One final grad scheme post, to get to those I've forgotten about.

Beattie McGuinness Bungay's graduate/non graduate scheme/alternate grad scheme is also open. To apply, email with your CV, answering the following question:

"How would you promote a forlorn, forgtotten, unloved shop on your high street? Reinvent and revive it; be Mary Queen of Shops for a day. Think about how it'll look, what it'll be like and how it'll thrive.

We're not looking for theory and jargon. We want you to think about it as if it was something you were really going to do. Speak to local shoppers, think about the environment, the community, and show us how it would work.

Tell us your idea however you choose - a blog, a film, an essay, an interpretative dance or something else entirely - and remember that presentation can be an idea in itself.

We'll be looking for business brains, creative flair and a risk or two to reach us by the 31st of December 2010. Go on - surprise us."

Finally, Elvis's grad scheme has opened too. More information can be found here, or here's the application form. The scheme closes on the 31st of December.

I think that's the lot. Shout if there are more/some we've missed.


Simon said...

RKCR's grad applications ended on the 7th Nov.

Publicis's website for the academy should be ready by next year.

Off topic -
Do you think there should be a section of this blog where viewers who have been successful at applications can submit what they wrote to certain questions?
I think this'll be very useful for those that are struggling to get through to the interview stage as they may be unsure what and how to write an answer.

I suggest this because I got selected for an interview for Dare and one of my answers was literally a sentence (I could have written up to 150 words). My other applications have been unsuccessful and I think it'd be helpful if I saw what others wrote.


Will said...

Thanks for the comment Simon - have taken the Rainey's part off.

Yes, not a bad idea at all. Send me an email at william.humphrey at, and in a week or so's time (i'm on hols from today), I'll put some of your answers up, and we'll see how the group/folk answered them.

I'm also happy to provide comments too - quite a few questions don't change year to year.

Anonymous said...

That would be really helpful, having applied to a few of the agencies that have been listed and been unsucessful I'd love to hear what answers it was they were looking for!

Tsering Norbu said...

do you know anything about internships or grad schemes in the US? All I see on your blog are gradschemes in the UK.

Anonymous said...

I would be really curious to see what other grads have put for their answers having being fairly unsuccessful myself.

Simon I would love to hear what you put in your Dare application as I also applied, but didn't get invited to an interview. I'd be happy to share my answers to the questions too.

I do wonder how objective the people examining these questions are. I feel like I have given some great answers to questions and am often left feeling like - what the hell do you need to put to get an interview?!

Simon said...

Hi anon, what is your email address and i'll send it to you. Also, what is your name?!


Suzie said...

I'd totally agree with all this! So far i've had rejections from rkcy and dare! but i'd like to know what everyone else said!

Anonymous said...

Simon my email is:

drop me an email with your answers to the questions and I'll email/ share my answers.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

Great initiative. I'd love to see what you put down for your apps, too. If you drop me an e-mail I'll share my answers:

eviltagger at yahoo dot com


Jaysil said...

Hi Guys,

Do you have any advice regarding assessment days? I have absolutely no clue what to expect! I was told that JWT do E-tray exercises as well, which I was surprised by.

Any clue regarding what type of interviews (industry based or competency) and group exercises they usually conduct?

Thanks! Jaysil

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Same sort of question as Jaysil. I've got through to final round at JWT and I was wondering if you know the kind of stuff we might be asked to do during the two day tests....

Any tips would be helpful as well.



Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I too have been invited to the two day JWT seminar. I've read your other posts on second round interviews, but do you have any other advice?

The blog is great by the way.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard yet from AMV BBDO one way or the other?


Anonymous said...

I would be happy to contribute to a database of successful answers. I had first rounds at M&C, AMV and JWT.

I'm pretty suprised JWT do e-tray, although I guess you will have to deal with a pretty bulging inbox at all times, so skills there would be useful.

Anyway, looking forward to the database...

Simon said...

Hi Anons, I sent my answers to Will.

Hopefully he'll start a new post or create a separate part of the blog especially for answers.

Anon, it would be very useful to see your answers for M&C, JWT and AMV.
What did you do with the blank space for JWT??


Jenny said...


As far as AMV are concerned, I'm still waiting to hear from them too, but I asked them when to expect to hear from them and they said by Friday so there's still time - they did have 150 people to choose between! Fingers crossed it's good news!

jzrl said...

Had some good news today... But now a month of terror preparing. Any tips for people who have never had interviewed at an ad firm? I have a first round with WPP.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love the idea of sharing application answers!

I had a first round interview at JWT - I guess I've been rejected though because of the statement on their facebook page (is usual to not tell interviewees individually?)

Well done on WPP! I was rejected today...kind of expected it though :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Will,
This is a really great blog, so useful but I was simply wandering.
I had an interview with Ogilvy Healthworld a couple of weeks ago and I thought it went really well. In my second interview, the interviewer was even talking to me about seeing me at the assessment day, so I was really surprised when I was later told I hadn't made it to the assessment day.
Are agencies usually misleading? As in they seem really excited by you but then reject you. I'm quite confused as to what went wrong to be honest.

Jenny said...

In response to the comment above, I've also had a similar experience recently of having what seemed like a really positive and encouraging reaction during interview and then being rejected. I actually quite randomly ended up talking to one of my interviewers about the style of advertising interviews and he said that at that particular agency, they do all they can to make you feel relaxed and comfortable in the interview (like responding positively to what you're saying) because they want to know what you are actually like, rather than what you're like under pressure. I think because of this, it makes it so hard to judge how the interview has actually gone and if you're unsuccessful, what actually went wrong. The only way to know is to try and get some feedback from the agency, although some of them aren't great at doing this from my experience!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the help so far guys. Also have WPP first round. Any info on what they might ask?

Unknown said...
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yazna said...

anyone knows what goes on at DDB second round? So far I only know we have to prepare a 3min presentation on topic of choice.

I've had first rounds with JWT and M&C Saatchi as well, but they haven't called me back for 2nd. I wish we get some feedback cause I thought I did pretty well.

Congrats on WPP guys!!

Jenny said...

Hi Yazna,

I'm also going to the DDB assessment day and was told that aside from the presentation the day would involve group work and tasks and probably another individual interview. See you there if you're going to the one on Thursday, if not, good luck :)


Sam Ismail said...

Here are two lots of advice on 2nd rounders guys, hope you find them useful: and

Good luck to all!

yazna said...

Hey Jenny,

thanks for the info, you know what your presentation's gonna be about yet?

I was supposed to go on Thu but then I switched to Fri...well fingers crossed I see you at grad induction day then :)

as for feedback, both agencies said they would call back but nothing so far...

Jenny said...

I haven't decided on presentation topic yet, finding it a bit tricky simply because in both of my 1st round interviews I was asked A LOT about several of my interests so don't want to be repeating myself!

As for feedback, my experiences of getting feedback after 1st round interviews have all been pretty poor...something for the agencies to work on perhaps?!

Will said...

Wow, I nip off on hols, and this explodes. Sam's link to our thoughts/old posts on second round interviews is still very valid, but if you'd like, we can write some more.

Simon W and others - send me your submissions, and I'll try to put them up this weekend (with some thoughts - or just Simon's, to kick things off).

In terms of JWT: I must confess to never getting a second rounder with them, but in terms of what to expect - there will be some basic competency exercises (and it sounds like the e-tray stuff will take care of that) along with 'marking' (though they will assess throughout the day) how you interact with the rest of the group. Finally, the quality of your thinking/how good your strategic thoughts are, and how they link to your solution - because you'll undoubtedly be asked to solve a real or fictional communications problem.

Now, different agencies place different emphasis on just what they look for. Some really value nice, individually minded people - others, it's all in the strategy you present, or in your ability to get shit done.

I would say JWT would value the latter two attributes at graduate level, due to what I know about the agency/friends who work there (obviously, there are nice people too, but niceness alone won't cut it; they really want people who can hit the ground running). Any JWTers who read this want to chime in?

Jzrl - funnily enough, my very first interview was on the WPP Fellowship waaaay back in the day. It's a bit of a different beast to most of the schemes, as (first and foremost) you'll be interviewing with very, very senior people, most of whom don't want to hear the cliched advertising responses.

No, they just want to talk, to know about you, to know what makes you tick, and what you think about the future of communications. So, I would suggest reading around the blogosphere/reading books like Steven Johnson or Douglas Holt's new ones, and coming to your own point of view (as well as having an idea about how all of it might fit together in the future).

Will said...

And..finally on feedback - a lot of agencies are bloody awful at feedback, partly because of scale, and partly because they have small HR departments. This isn't Deloitte, who have several hundred people. The process will probably be run by a few account handlers and a HR person or two.

Now, it definitely varies by agency. The WPP Fellowship deserves special props - if you're rejected there, you'll be called to talk through what happened, what they thought of you and why.

Anonymous said...

Still itching to hear the ideas that people gave to be granted interviews.

I am expecting my mind to be blown.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

What would you say is the dress code for the two day JWT seminar? (for a guy - I can do quirky but I won't wear a dress).

Thanks as ever for the excellent blog.

Will said...


Wear a suit, or jacket and jeans with smart shoes. No tie.

The first application post is going up in a few hours.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips on WPP, very helpful indeed. I also have a first round at The Engine Group. Any idea what this could involve? Anyone else already interviewed there? Thanks for the blog. It's a great help.

Will said...

Hi Anon.

I'm afraid I can't help, short of having a few friends who work at WCRS/the group generally (they didn't run a grad scheme back in the days when I was applying).

In terms of the culture though - it's quite entrepreneurial and creative...but will still look for the same things highlighted in the post on first round interviews. Basically - don't feel you have to fill the silence, be thoughtful, and don't worry about the odd moment of candour and honesty; it's why grads are so vital. :)

Suzie said...

Hi there, just wondering if people were still going to upload answers to how they got an interview. Still really curious as obviously continuing applying!
Have changed track a bit, and my tactic for the next couple, so going to see if that reaps any successes, but would still be really interested :)

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