Friday, 23 July 2010

Creatives In The City Pt 1...

(In best Attenborough voice) These...are...some...young...creatives...

Hello all.

One of the things AdGrads hasn't done, historically, is focus too much on the creative side of things (barring the odd Star Story by a CD or two). As we're a bunch of planners, it's perhaps not surprising.

So, with that in mind, we've put our heads together, and two of our creative mates have volunteered to write a series of posts on how to get a job within the big smoke, and what problems and opportunities they encounter along the way.

Without further ado, here's Luke & Wilf:

"Hello, welcome to our first post. We’re Luke and Wilf, two lads working as a creative team.

Hopefully we can use our personal experiences in future posts to serve as useful advice to anyone considering a job in advertising. For now we thought we’d give you an insight into what brought us together.

We met at UCA Farnham on the advertising and brand communications course where we learnt a bit about strategic thinking and idea generation, before we decided to specialise in art direction and copywriting. It’s at that point that we looked across the room and decided that we both loved football, films, dreaming up cunning plans/ ideas, and thus decided to pair up (There are lots of other courses, but there will be a post on that at a later date).

Wilf wanted to be a creative because he liked the idea that the job as a whole would not be confined to any one medium. Secondly, he loved the idea that he’d be able to collaborate with loads of interesting people.

I wanted to be a creative to appease my ego as I liked the idea of having my work seen by the public, and to be paid to solve problems. What’s more, I thought I might be able to learn a little bit about writing screenplays by writing adverts.

After a while you realise that being a creative is many of the above but the main reason for wanting to be in a job like this is that you crave the feeling of solving briefs of any nature.

Now that the ice is broken, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section and we’ll try our best to answer them or dedicate future posts to explore the issue.

Luke & Wilf blog at and tweet as @lukeandwilf"


Unknown said...

Hi Luke & Wilf. First of all I was surprised to come across two people from the same University let alone same course I am currently studying at (similar to if you were to run into a common face in a foreign country)... "its a small world" moment... On the other hand UCA is a good university with good tutors and should be producing quality individuals. I certainly hope its the latter. On a whole it is nice to see fellow students from the UCA Farnham go further. Congrats.

Simon said...

Hi guys, I have a few questions for you. I'm a Geography graduate and I definitely want to get into advertising. Firstly, what is the approach to applications e.g. when they ask "be creative in the space below" - what are THEY looking for? I recently used a blog post of mine about "slug and snails - who came first" and came up with a bunch of crazy comic ideas. I didn't get selected.
Secondly, in a portfolio of work (online or hardcopy), can you/do you include rough sketches or do you only have nice aesthetically pleasing finished ads?

Many thanks,
Simon (

Anonymous said...

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