Friday, 11 June 2010

Edelman need a junior planner...

There won't be lines. Promise.

Hello there.

This is kind of an odd posting. Edelman, the company I work for, are after a Junior Planner.

Now, it's an odd one for me, because the person who gets the job will be working with me, as we're a tiddly department. I will have to *gulp* train and look after them.

So, naturally, we'd like to find someone who is so sharp and so laterally minded that they scare me on a daily basis. We're after a graduate; no prior planning experience is required, but those who can prove to us that they can think laterally/have heard of the internet/have a point of view about brands and why they're important will be crucial.

The Junior Planner's job does involve a lot of research; some of it will be bespoke, random stuff, and other bits will be more prosiac. (How many people eat margarine in the UK, for example).

There's a helluva lot more detail here. The deadline's the 30th of June. Best of luck.


NH said...

i would apply but I am from the wrong 50%..

bastards :)

Will said...

For some reason the online job spec went down over the weekend - it's here: