Monday, 14 September 2009

Grad Schemes A-Go-Go

It'll be you in a year's time.

Hello there. This is meant to be a work in progress grad scheme list, so let us know if we've missed any off.

Anyway. Have a look at these (they've begun to open):

AMV BBDO have launched their graduate scheme (known as ‘the academy’). Details here. Both planning and account management. Verrry nice. The closing date is the 23rd of October at 6pm.

BBH haven’t opened their grad scheme…yet. There’s an email for grads (grads at bbh dot co dot uk), though I’m not sure what’s happening so far this year. UPDATE: BBH aren't recruiting this year. The next intake will be at the end of 2010.

Update: BMB have just opened! Check out the 'join us' section on their site. The deadline's 30th of October.

CHI’s scheme will open up at the end of September. So keep an eye on this link.

DDB have already opened up theirs. Those scamps. The deadline’s the 6th of November.

DLKW have also opened up. So have a squint at their grad form here.

Engine (the holding group for a heckuva lot of companies, WCRS included) have opened their doors too. Here. The deadline’s midnight of 22nd of November.

JWT are also just about to open up their scheme. It’s not happened yet, but the very handy Facebook page is here. (Update - it's just opened here)

Leo Burnett's scheme has opened now as well. Deadline's the 23rd of October.

McCann Ericksson’s grad scheme is due to go live this month too. Another to check out – go to ‘about us’ and you can find the grad scheme link from there.

M&C Saatchi have opened as well. The deadline’s midnight on Monday 2nd of November.

Ogilvy ‘s fellowship site is yet to go live. But it should do by the end of this month. So, again, keep your eyes peeled.

Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe are yet to open. Again, worth keeping an eye on – they should be opening soon.

WPP's Fellowship has also open. The deadline's the 17th of November at 2pm (GMT).

Hope those help - and best of luck...Feel free to tell us of any we've missed.


Tom Harle said...

can't believe they've come round so quickly

Fiona said...

MCCA are recuiting graduates for its member agencies now!

Tom Gibson said...

Applications for Saatchi & Saatchi's Summer Scholarship open in January 2010. Details will be posted here:

Keep up the good work!


Clare Campbell said...

Hi all,

Just to let you know that the BMB grad recruitment is now up and running. Please see the 'join us' section of our website ( and you'll find the applications form, FAQs and dates for each round.


Will said...

Thanks Claire and Tom - I will update in a separate post.



Unknown said...

Just to let you know that Leo Burnett's Graduate Foundation Programme is now accepting applications as well.
All the details can be found on the 'Grad Foundation' pages of the website:
Closing date for applications is 23rd October, with the programme itself starting in January 2010, so one for those who have already graduated.

Anonymous said...

CHI's form has gone live, and it's a bit odd. You have to have uploaded a picture and your CV before you can get through to the actual questions - am I paranoid to think they may be timing the application?

I may be completely wrong, but that's the only form I've come across that requires uploading things before you reach the questions.

roobs said...

Hi - AMV has changed their deadline to 30 October 5pm. Might just give some people a sigh of relief.

Alessandro said...

Thank you very much for the info :)