Saturday, 15 August 2009

NABS Graduate Workshop..

Hello there.

As some of you may know, NABS is a charity for the communications industries. They do a heckuva lot of charitable stuff, such as helping recently unemployed people find work, housing, and even help out with grad recruitment and help creatives find partners.

They're also putting on a graduate recruitment half day at JWT, and Sam and I have been asked to speak. Details are below:

"Thomas Crapper did not invent the flush toilet. A duck's quack doesn't have an echo. Advertising is not all long lunches and witty lines. Come to JWT on Monday 24th of August at 10am to find out more about the truths of advertising: What an agency does, how it works and how does it. And how to get in."

The agenda is below:

1. Welcome address (10am)

2. JWT welcome (10.05-15)

3. How an agency works (10.15-45)

4. How to be a good Account Man (10.45-11.10)

5. A creative perspective (11.10)

6. Break (11.30-45)

7. AdGrads: The Perils of Online Relationships (11.45-12.15)

8. Group exercise (12.15-50)

9. Q&A session (12.50-1)

Please contact to get your name on the list for the workshop.


Sam Ismail said...

I can't wait. Now if only we could write the damn presentation.

Dom Soar said...

Sounds good, wish I could make it.

(p.s. Shouldn't it be "a duck's quack DOES have an echo"?)

Anonymous said...

any chance of these being video'd and put online somewhere?

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