Monday, 1 December 2008

wanting to post

but not having a second to breathe!

So much to share. So much (gr)advice . Such little time.
Eyes being glazed over after the hard day's work so going near a computer screen is as likely as the fat kid refusing the cake.

But busy is good. Account Handling is good - OOH CONTROVERSIAL. You all have the fun of AH to look forward too - even if the name on your passport is unique enough to grant you access to the planning world! These three have had their stint.

I'm currently experiencing a very different side of adland's client services coin - a digital coin at that. The speed, the creativity, the pro activity and potential is incredible.

Maybe its a case of 'Yeah I'll do a few years traditional, figure out the best route into digital from there...'

If your heart is set on 40 seconds in Corrie then so be it. Otherwise digital employment now will develop your creative/planning/account handling potential and set you up nicely for a global, universal creative currency that some are even describing as recession proof.

Regardless of whether you care - no excuses for anyone brushing up on their non standard digital formats. Wow them with your critique of attempts at geo targeting. Win their hearts with your appreciation of synchronized road blocks..

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