Friday, 21 September 2007

This is how recruitment should be done..

Well done BBH.

It's why I chose advertising at any rate - to have a good time and be paid a good salary. The insight is spot on. The little lad even has a fine pair of planner glasses, as well.

I'd love to know if this viral film has had any influence on where potential grads would like to work..comments, anyone?


Jack Bauer said...

This is essential viewing too

Anonymous said...

this too


Anonymous said...

....and look for the Anton in the link any think ironic

Anonymous said...

I think i was a lot more like the boy who wanted to work in a bouncy castle factory! The ginger kid will only be let down on his first day at work when he's told to make boards and chase things up!

Anonymous said...

oh and sadly didn't work for me!

Will said...

Sorry to hear that it didn't have the desired effect Ryan.

Making boards is part and parcel of it all, but if you were BBH (or any company for that matter), why would you emphasise parts of the job which are less interesting?

I'd be pretty worried if grads wanted to do all the little lad says straight away.

Anton - very fitting.

Anonymous said...

Hi GUYS! Think you need to read this:

Anonymous said...

it's a valid point